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How cinema advertising Is becoming a Dominant tool of Advertising in India?

How cinema advertising Is becoming a Dominant tool of Advertising in India?

Cinema advertising in India is idiosyncratically effectual than other media due to its phenomenal recall value. Studies prove that watching an ad in the cinema gets processed consciously by our brains. No wonder, marketing geeks want to squeeze as possible from this emotionally engaging medium.

It is not an exaggeration to say that cinema advertising is the most impactful medium. This statement can be substantiated with certain points. Studies reveal that it is at least 10 times more effective in making your brand a star performer. The emotional engagement is as high as four times compared to the television audience. No wonder, creative minds working in cinema advertising agencies in Delhi and all across India are the busiest.

With an objective of maximizing ROI, advertising agencies in Mumbai spend considerable time to develop unique, eye-catching ideas for the clients. Cinema offers a unique role in the present-day communication mix, and brands and agencies have to put further efforts to understand its potential and impact.

Changing relationship between the TV and viewers

The small screen is still the uncrowned emperor of the entertainment world. Nobody can raise eyebrows at the unmatched popularity of it. Being an integral part of the media mix, it is virtually impossible for cinema advertising agencies in India to ignore it.

However, television is a medium where an abundance of advertisements makes people reluctant to watch ads. Viewers grab the remote control and change the channel almost instantly during the commercial break.

In a cinema hall, however, the situation is diametrically opposite. The audience gets mesmerized by the ads there in a highly captive environment. No wonder, cinema advertising in India creates exceptionally high emotional engagement. It is impossible to beat the silver screen as far as impact is concerned.

Though piracy offers a big peril to the film industry, filmmakers find new ways of attracting people to cinema halls. Use of specialized technologies such as surround sound and 3D lure people to go to movie halls. Thus, cinema advertising remains contemporary and relevant in the modern times. A seasoned in- film advertising company in Mumbai like Khushi puts their best brains in conceptualizing awesome ideas.

As the audience is being treated to an exclusive showcase from the best production houses worldwide, exciting releases create superb opportunities for effective and impactful brand presence through in film advertising.

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