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“Connect & engage, while they grab a
quick bite”
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For many consumers today who are pressed for time and prefer a quick bite over a leisurely meal, QSRs are their go-to destination for a quick, fresh meal. These QSRs are generally located at high traffic locations and are the perfect place for branding and engaging these consumers. As people wait in line, order, are served and seated to have their meal you can present your brand by advertising in unique and memorable ways.

We have partnerships with leading QSRs like McDonald’s, Pizza Hut and others, so that you can deliver your brand message to patrons who visit these popular QSRs. We have meticulously selected our partners in this domain so that you derive maximum value by promoting your brand through innovative advertising at QSRs across India.

Advertising at McDonald’s

We serve you delightful opportunities to advertise at 250+ outlets of McDonald’s across West and South India. With presence in premium locations, popular malls, high street areas and major transit points, McDonald’s enjoys huge footfalls and extensive reach. Brands can leverage the wide appeal and substantial visibility by branding at McDonald’s to reach millions of customers across all strata.

Advertising at Pizza Hut

Khushi offers you piping hot advertising opportunities at 100+ outlets of Pizza Hut across West and South India. Branding at Pizza Hut is an extremely viable option for brands who wish to catch the eye of the youth, families and professionals. Brands can capitalize on the increasing popularity of Pizza Hut and communicate with their target customers.


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