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Challenges and Strategies of Advertising in India

Challenges and Strategies of Advertising in India

One of the greatest challenges faced by the Indian advertisers is the diversity of Indian population. If one wants to create a brand image pan India, one needs to strategize advertising and marketing in accordance with the varied needs of its diverse population. The complexity increases with the cultural and linguistic differences. Therefore, companies need to align their advertising with the local market conditions and consumer taste and preferences, which of course is a challenge in itself, but which can be overcome with the right advertising strategy.

With that said, let us check out the strategies that can fortify your brand image and construct brand recognition for your products and services.

Point of Contact: The ideal strategy to contact your target audience is the time when they are ready to receive the message. When you have your audience’s attention, your message will sink in easily, it will create a greater impact in their minds and they will remember the message for a long time to come…That’s actually the reason why cinema advertising is a huge success. Likewise, giving your product a platform in the malls at the right place also goes a long way in creating brand image and brand recognition. Mall advertising and cinema advertising are changing the way marketers plan their media mix.

Unique Approach: The ads that get remembered are those that are created with a unique approach. Here, creating a balance between the advertising content and the brand is vital. At times, the ad gets more popular than the brand per se. So, a unique, well balanced approach is the key for brand recognition.

Targeting the right audience segment: To improve your conversion ratio it is essential to target the right audience. This is done by segmenting your prospects into few categories and then creating the right kind of message that meets the needs of the segment category.

Medium of Advertisement: Not all products are created equally. Their strategic positioning differs from product to product and this needs to reflect in not just the brand message, but also while choosing the medium of advertisement. Experiential marketing has garnered massive support from marketers as it engages the customers.  Thinking out of the box is the key here, if you want your product to get an edge over the others.

Value for Money: Ultimately, the cost benefit ratio is important to determine if you have received value for money.

Strategizing your advertisement according to the audience’s needs and wants is vital to the success of the advertisement!

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