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We often buy products and services based on recommendations. Very often the choices that we make are influenced heavily by a family member, friend, colleague or any other person or persons whose opinions matter to us. There are numerous instances when we buy varied products and services such as cosmetics, electronic devices, salon services, restaurants, etc. based on someone’s recommendation. In turn, we too turn brand advocates when we rave about the latest movie we watched or the latest perfume we bought. Such instances are many, as by nature, human beings tend to get influenced by what they see and hear from people around them. Such testimonials instigate conversations amongst smaller groups like friends, relatives, peers, and even larger groups through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. These conversations snowball into wide-spread discussions and consequently create buzz. Experiential Marketing is an excellent way to create buzz.

When such buzz is systematically and deliberately created to generate positive word of mouth, it is called Buzz Marketing. Buzz Marketing is very effective for spreading awareness about a new product or service.Experiential Marketing agencies specialise in creating campaigns that focus on establishing a connection with the consumer. The aim of any Experiential Marketing campaign is to generate brand awareness and create buzz. An Experiential marketing expert in India can provide innovative Experiential Marketing ideas to generate buzz.

For example, when introducing a soft drink, the marketer may distribute samples in a college campus and have promoters who can hand out the soft drinks and collect feedback on the spot. This activity will generate buzz and if the product is actually liked by the students, they will be enticed to buy more and very importantly, suggest others to try it.

In another scenario, a diet food brand can set up a kiosk at a gym and hand out samples. They can also give a pamphlet describing the ingredients and the health benefits of the product. A ready TG, the gym goers will definitely be more than willing to try a health product. Their personal details and feedback can be collected. These fitness enthusiasts are certain to pass on information about the new diet food to people they know. Other gyms too will hear of it soon and there will be a buzz created around the product.

Essentially, if the right amount of buzz is created, people will talk and write about it, and it can become a great PR vehicle.

Some of the best Experiential Marketing agencies like Khushi can help you establish the right connect with consumers through Experiential Marketing campaigns which are designed to create desired buzz in the market.

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