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Rajkot Airport


The Airports Authority of India has awarded Khushi with exclusive rights for advertising at Rajkot airport for 10 years.

Rajkot airport has traffic of 30000+ passengers and 6000+ visitors monthly. It supports flight traffic of 4499 flights yearly. Rajkot airport has tremendous potential for reaching out to the movers and shakers of the entire Kathiyavaar region.

The fourth largest city in Gujarat, Rajkot ranks amongst the 50 fastest growing regions in the world. Popular as the gateway to 100 states Sau-rashtra, Rajkot is the hub for the entire Saurashtra-Kutch region. Predominantly an industrial manufacturing hub, SME and MSME in and around Rajkot have made a global presence in auto, casting and ancillary sector with a historical tradition of groundnut oil and cotton ginning. A very important trade, commercial and sports centre thronged by thousands throughout the year, Rajkot is frequently referred to as ‘Rangilu Rajkot’ meaning ‘colourful Rajkot’. Rajkot is also called as ‘Chitranagri’ i.e. City of Paintings. It has a unique language, culture and cuisine heritage. Popular tourist attractions are accessed through Rajkot viz. Somnath, Gir towards South, Dwarka, Jamnagar towards East, Rann of Kutch towards North and Nalsarovar, Lothal and Tarnetar towards East.

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