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In the era of digital marketing where data and technology is making massive leaps, it has given rise to the opportunity where the right audience can be connected with at the right time and with the right kind of message so as to get higher conversions. However, it is easier said than done as there is a lack of consensus amongst the marketing gurus as to what should be the top priority for marketing-cross channel interactions or the contextual content!

However, the first step is to get an insight into your customers and prospects before deciding the place and timing of the advertisement. Below are the steps:

Know your consumer’s habits, choices and behavior

First and foremost, you need to get a comprehensive view of the prospects, their needs, their driving factors and more. Once this clarity is achieved, the next step is to identify the touch points…and going forward with the media avenue that best serves the purpose of connecting with your TG.

Understanding the channels and creative, imagery etc

Simply having consumer insight will not be enough. There is a need to know precisely what drives the prospects to take the desired action-aka purchase. When you have this understanding, you’ll be able to understand what media, imagery and creative should be employed to drive the desired results. Also, when you have a deep insight of your consumer’s tastes, preferences and their behavioral pattern, you will be able to impart communications that would effectively grab their attention and drive them to make the purchase.

Relevant Message

While choosing the advertising communication, one must keep in mind its relevance to the type of the product or service that is being advertised, also the kind of reach that you are looking at that is whether it is local, domestic or global. It is important that the message that is being delivered to the audience is relevant and meaningful.

Actionable Intelligence: The key to deliver the right message at the right place and at the right time

This actionable intelligence is the key that helps the advertising agencies create the right message, deliver it at the right place and at the right time to create maximal impact for the clients.

Actionable intelligence has paved the way for segment-wise advertisements and has enabled the organizations to enjoy the fruits of its marketing and advertisement campaigns. The tailored advertisements will certainly give precise results and better ROI.

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