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“We are “The Pied Pipers” in entertainment business”
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Let our experts guide your brand into the lime light, making it a runaway hit.

Be it in-film branding or integrations
Be it movie promotions or star-cast visits
Be it movie trailer in multiplex or single screen cinemas
Be it merchandize ideas or its marketing & sales
Be it movie premiere concepts or its execution
Be it invitation shows or music launches

Our team has all the right strategies and properties to make your brand a grand success.


In-Movie integrations & branding

  • In-film branding
  • Media partnerships
  • Integrations
  • Activations

Movie promotions and Star-cast visits

  • Cinema Trailers
  • Music Launch promotions
  • Multiplex Standee
  • Multiplex & Mall Lift branding
  • Escalators branding
  • Multiplex Arch Gate
  • Larger than Life Standing units
  • Cut-outs
  • Promotion options in Coffee Shops, book stores, gyms, hypermarkets, Departmental stores, QSR’s, airport, colleges, etc.
  • Star-cast visits in colleges, shopping malls, Hypermarkets, multiplex, NGO’s,
  • Star-cast Integrations in events, programs to promote & hype movie

Movie Merchandize

  • Ideation of merchandize
  • Cross promotional concepts
  • Sourcing of merchandize
  • Marketing & Sale of merchandize

Invitation Shows & Premieres

  • Ideation of premiere
  • Venue selection & negotiation
  • Invitee shows & special screenings

  • Partners
  • Gallery