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Shopping malls are perhaps the most favorite “go to” place for most people, particularly the youth and there are plenty of reasons for that. The ambience, space, getting all your needs under one roof and a getaway from the scorching heat or thunderous rain- shopping malls undoubtedly remain the most sought after spot for the youth today. Considering that this is the same class of people with maximal purchasing power, it is but obvious that shopping mall advertising can result in optimal returns for the advertisers.

With that said let’s check out how shopping mall advertising in India can sky rocket your sales:

Catch them young: The class of people visiting the shopping malls generally is the young generation, who loves spending and experimenting. This is the “class conscious, brand conscious” generation. Thus, advertising in malls will reach your brand to the target visitors and give your sales a massive boost!

Direct Marketing: People visiting the malls are already in the mood to buy. They are the prospects who can be easily convinced. So, if you are launching a new product or want to get customer feedback before actually launching a product, shopping mall promotion ideas definitely would give you a major impetus.

However, it must be said that you need to get the help of the best mall advertising agency in India to get the most mileage. Here are a few shopping mall promotion ideas that would help see your sales head northwards-

(i)   Door/window Display: The shops in the malls have large doors and displaying the advertisements on the doors will give the brands maximum visibility and massive brand awareness. When people see the brands at eye level, it is bound to create greater impact. In some cases, it may also lead to impulse purchases.

(ii)   Escalators and Elevators: These work as a fantastic board to narrate your brand story and create the “wow” factor. Advertising here acts as a supplement to other forms of mall advertising and raises curiosity in the visitors.

(iiii)   Standees / Cutouts: Creating larger than life standees or cutouts and placing them at prominent locations within the malls can hardly ever go unnoticed…With this you can easily reach wider audiences.

Some other forms of advertising in malls would include prominent digital displays, experiential advertising and many more.

Get ready to take your sales to the next level by advertising in malls!

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