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Advertise with Khushi at more than 2700+ cinema screens across India. Read More…
Khushi provides you with the best planning and buying options at 30+ airports across India.
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Khushi helps you to advertise and activations at 350+ malls across India.
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Plan your cinema campaign in targeted cinemas and increase the effective reach & ROI in your media plan. Cinema advertising is a great media-mix to target your core TG & reduce wastage. Read More…


Malls have evolved over the years and today they offer a complete retail and leisure experience as they house multiplexes, food courts, spas, entertainment zones and other family attractions besides the high-end retail stores. Shopping malls are a favourite amongst the elite class and youngsters who are brand conscious. Read More…


Airports are the perfect catchment areas for targeting affluent families, top executives, businessmen, policy makers, NRIs, Indian and foreign tourists, top-rung professionals and more. Airport advertising offers a mix of advertising mediums to enhance passenger engagement and experience. Read More…


The customers have already moved to the Digital world. For any brand that wants to enter the consideration set of the consumer a measured approach in detail is the need of the hour. A lot of marketing models have been tried and tested in the evolved ecosystem. Read More…

Movie Marketing

We at Khushi offer dynamic marketing collaborations with films to create the impact you desire. Our partnerships with top production houses and blockbuster movies will allow you to introduce your product or service to your audience nationally and globally. Read More…


Armed with our client’s activation objectives, we conceptualise and execute activations which create a lasting impact. Our prime objective is to aid the client in forming a memorable connection with the customer. Each of our experiential marketing campaigns is unique, backed by the expertise of our professionals who have a deep insight about consumer behaviour and pattern. Read More…

Outdoor Advertising

Explore the power of outdoor advertising and elevate your brand's visibility today. From billboard advertising to bus shelter advertising and transit station advertising, our comprehensive outdoor advertising solutions are designed to maximise your brand's impact. Experience the creative prowess of our outdoor ad agency and witness the remarkable brand visibility achieved through our strategic outdoor campaigns.

Corporate Park

Khushi unlocks new horizons with exclusive advertising rights in premier corporate parks, offering an unparalleled opportunity for brands to target and impress key decision-makers in a premium environment. Promotion Activities, Film Shooting & Flea Market Activities are some of the opportunities for you to make a noticeable impact.