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10 Advantages of Promoting Products in Shopping Malls

10 Advantages of Promoting Products in Shopping Malls


There are a huge number of advertising platforms today but nothing can beat the setting of shopping mall advertising for a brand. It offers a perfect backdrop to the store owner to display his brand in the most enticing manner. Following are ten advantages obtained by promoting products in shopping malls:

(i)  Greater chances for the brand to be discovered: Customers, very often frequent malls for purposes other than shopping like visiting food courts, multiplexes and so on. However, there are high chances of customers dropping into your shop if you promote your brand in the most enticing manner.

(ii)  Impulse Buying: Following from the above point, an enticing promotion or Mall advertising agency in India may evoke impulse buys from the customer.

(iii)  Availability of products for sale: The store owner has his products to offer for sale at the same site as his promotion activities. This helps him to cater to impulse buyers who are attracted by his promotion activities.

(iv)  Customers offered a ‘shopping experience’: Customers are offered a shopping experience and thereby are lured into these stores. For example, a store catering to skincare will have stations offering a ‘try out’ experience which makes Mall advertising agency in India highly effective.

(v)  Huge Human Traffic: If you are in a shopping mall that is positioned in a high traffic location then you are bound to get a lot of foot traffic. So, there will be many prospective customers ambling by your store.

(vi)  Ample Customer Parking: Most of the shopping malls are equipped with adequate parking space and this will eliminate the customers’ need for searching a parking spot.

(vii)  Fresh & Enthusiastic Outlook: The availability of parking space and the pleasant ambience of the shopping mall store ensure that people enter the store with a fresh and enthusiastic outlook. That’s why your  ad campaign must include advertising in shopping centres.

(viii)  Competitors Offer More Options: A shopping mall store is likely to have similar product selling stores around it and in this case the competition proves a win-win situation to all. Customers get to have more options and this is likely to increase the overall purchases of the customers.

(ix)  Customers with higher disposable income: Normally customers with higher disposable income enter a mall. So, an attractive and exciting promotion activity can more easily lead to the purchase of the brand.

(x)  Converse with the Customer: A live marketing event at a shopping mall helps to address specific customer groups and give them a memorable brand experience.

Promoting your products at shopping malls offer the above advantages and more! So take this route to promote your brand most effectively!


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