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3 Reasons to Include Cinema Advertising In Your Local Media Mix

3 Reasons to Include Cinema Advertising In Your Local Media Mix

If there is one thing that the people of India have in common, it’s their love for the movies. People in our country go to the theatres week after week to get themselves entertained in huge numbers and the various offers on online booking portals have led to an increase in them on a consistent basis. This meteoric rise in footfall in theatres is why cinema advertising has become more important than ever before and every piece of real estate inside a multiplex is appreciating in value. Let us point out a few reasons as to why cinema advertising should be an important part of your overall marketing mix.

Firstly, multiplexes are often located in prime locations and are visited by people with high spending capacity. That makes places like PVR cinemas an advertising hotspot and many companies have started to acknowledge them as network to communicate with their target audience.

Secondly, cinema advertising offers more than just one option to a product or service in terms of how it can be presented. Advertising in INOX and advertising in PVR is increasing leaps and bounds not only because of the ads they play during the screening of the movie but also the standees, kiosks and posters that are available outside the movie hall which can be utilized to make a difference. Washroom branding in cinemas is fast becoming a popular trend. We can even find pamphlets at the ticket counter. All this only goes to show how every place where a person spends time inside a multiplex can be used for marketing and spreading information.

Lastly, cinema advertising brings in an experiential aspect and that can also be clubbed in with a movie. There is no better place to tell a story for your brand than somewhere where stories are shown day in and day out. People can touch, use and know exactly what the product is about and that increases the probability of them buying it there or even afterwards. Parking lots and even the back of cinema seats can be used to then retarget the same people and get them as close to buying the product as possible.

Citing the benefits mentioned above, it is pretty clear why cinema advertising deserves a portion of your advertising budget and is good enough to get you a return on the same.

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