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5 Airport Marketing Strategies And Trends

5 Airport Marketing Strategies And Trends

As per reports and surveys, Indira Gandhi International Airport is one of the busiest airports in India with over 22,583,736 passengers between 2020 to 2021. The everyday footfall at Indian airports has also dramatically increased after the wake of the pandemic, and hence many marketers and advertisers are using this path to take their brands to a higher level of success and growth. Furthermore, successful marketing campaigns also help in improving overall brand awareness, offering value-added promotions, and enhancing the airport customer experience. There are various airport advertising agencies in India that give you a chance to advertise your brand at such a busy location. Khushi Ambient Media Solution is one of the biggest advertising agencies in India as we have the leverage to advertise at various locations of airports nationwide. Driven by insane competition, agencies are coming up with different strategies and tactics just to give tough competition to others and make their brand visible in front of potential customers. 

Let’s Talk About Some Famous Airport Marketing Strategies And Trends

Brand partnership: 

Brand partnership is the best way of marketing your brand as it has the ability to collaborate in a very cost-effective manner attracting new customers and grabbing the attention of the audience. Airports are now collaborating with retailers, and food and beverage companies to offer unique services to their passengers. Airport advertising agencies in India are also collaborating with other brands that are already present at the airport so that they can advertise their brand in front of potential buyers. If you are also looking for airport marketing for your brand, then you can connect with Khushi and can trust Khushi as we have various airports in every corner of India: north, south, east, west, and center.

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User-generated content: 

Brands are preferring airport advertising for their brands as passengers spend so much time at the airport while waiting for the check-in process and boarding process. Furthermore, passengers also prefer to shop at the airport while waiting for the flight to take off just to utilize their time. Hence, travelers help promote your brand by sharing photos and videos on social media, which further grabs the attention of other people as well. In addition to that, the airport advertising agency is also collaborating with influencers and bloggers so that when they travel, they can share the stories from airport advertising. This helps brands reach a large pool of customers and users through user-generated content. Get in touch with us today, if you are also looking for such advertising solutions for your brand. 

Boost customer engagement: 

When you are at the airport, you might be busy clicking pictures and taking videos. Therefore; when you are advertising your brand at the airport, you can ask those passengers to share their experiences and pictures on social media. This will increase employee engagement and your brand will also be able to connect with other people who are not present at the airport. Moreover; you can also arrange contests or events for passengers where they can get gifts and coupons as this will engage the target audience. At some airports, advertising agencies serve food and beverages with advertisements for the brands just to have a long-term impact on the minds and eyes of the customers. If you are also looking for airport advertising for your organization, contact Khushi Ambient Media Solution

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Content marketing: 

It is known by almost everyone that airport professionals are experts in the fields of aviation and travel. They know how to engage the passengers and how to gain their attention for a particular thing, whether it is a product or service. Content marketing is being used by airport advertising agencies to share useful information while promoting brands and airports as well. Mostly, travel bloggers share their experiences on social media platforms. Therefore; get connected with travel bloggers as they deliberately share their experiences with readers. Make your brand visible through airport advertising and grab the attention of a large audience.

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Develop reward programs: 

Airport advertising agencies are also introducing various reward and discount programs for their travelers, such as hotel rewards, car rentals, frequent flyer programs, and so on. This is gaining the attention of various people and increasing overall brand awareness and brand loyalty as well. Happy clients are great, and this marketing strategy helps make passengers happier. Furthermore, airports can also create activities through which they can earn points, which they can redeem for their next travel ticket or food. This would be great as it would make your brand visible on social media platforms, and the majority of people are using social media platforms.

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The airports allow the brands to place ads on their websites. Use the opportunity as a part of your airport advertising strategy. Immediately connect with us to learn more about airport advertising. Our advertising experts will also explain to you other advertising strategies such as mall advertising, cinema advertising, digital marketing, experiential marketing, and so on. You can choose your brand’s marketing as per your brand specification and preferences. What are you waiting for? Give us a call at 9320348884 now.

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