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Mall activations are an ideal way to create brand awareness and to introduce new products or services to consumers. Mall activation is a concept that perfectly leverages the advantages offered by the ambient setting of a mall to deliver brand communication. It is instrumental in building a positive perception of a brand.

Activations help to create engaging and memorable experiences that evoke emotions within consumers. The purpose is to reach people on rational and emotional levels so that they carry back an experience which they will remember for a long time. Live experiential marketing events are being increasingly used by brands to help extract the most out of the activation campaign. These events give people a chance to try a product, ask questions about it and participate in some way that makes them feel connected to the brand.

Here are a few of the benefits of activations at malls:

    • It helps to reach out to the target audiences who are in a relaxed frame of mind and are generally comfortable spending time to learn about the brand.


    • Customers are already prepared for spending at malls and more likely to make a purchase decision.


    • It can help to reinforce the brand’s positioning in the minds of the consumer.


    • Helps to cut through the traditional advertising clutter (TV Commercials, Print, Web ads).


    • It makes your brand more prominent.


    • It communicates with the audience in an interesting and engaging manner.


    • Consumers can give you immediate feedback as there may be direct interaction.


Khushi Advertising is not just one of the leading activation agencies in Mumbai, but one of the best activation agencies in India. We design and execute unique campaigns, backed by the expertise of our professionals who have a deep insight about consumer behaviour and pattern. We have partnerships with most of the leading malls to attain maximum impact. As an activation agency, our role is to way to generate awareness and visibility for a brand through cultivating real life engagement experiences with the target consumer.

We keep these key factors in mind while designing an activation campaign-

    • Timing – it is important to connect with consumers at the right time and the right place so that the consumer is enthused by our communication.


    • Relevance – the activation strategy and campaign has to be relevant to the brand’s core values.


    • Visibility and recall – our activation campaigns are designed to garner high visibility and generate high recall among consumers


    • Reach – our endeavour is to reach a sizeable chunk of our TG through directed activation campaigns


    • Long term perspective – activation awareness may not immediately generate sales. However, they are a key tool to capture valuable consumer data, such as contact numbers, emails, social media followers, etc.


Due to our committed effort in this domain, we are recognised as the best brand promotions company in India which has the ideal activation solutions customised to serve each client’s needs.

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