Ambient Media Advertising

Advantages Of Ambient Media

Advantages Of Ambient Media

Ambient media advertising refers to almost any kind of out-of-the-home advertising which occurs on a non-regular medium. Ambient media is a name for a media choice that is not considered mainstream. It involves deviating from the trodden path of advertising followed traditionally and instead using unusual mediums to grab the attention of audiences.

Ambient advertising can be done either as a standalone activity, or it can be combined with other traditional media advertising. Ambient media advertising essentially uses ambient spaces or places with high visibility for placing the message. Its USP is the element of surprise that it carries. When an ad message is communicated in an unusual or unexpected place in an innovative manner, people are bound to sit up and take notice of it. Also, since ambient advertising is different from regular advertising, the ad is easily registered and recalled by the audience.

Some examples of ambient media are escalators in malls and multiplexes, table mats and tent cards in QSRs, floor stickers in malls, baggage trolleys at airports, shopping carts at hypermarkets, washroom branding in multiplexes and malls, seat-backs and tickets jackets at cinemas, treadmill and towel branding in gyms, and so on. The key to remember here is that there has to be a perfect marriage between the avenue and the kind of message it is delivering.

Some of the reasons for the growth of ambient advertising in India are-

Ambient advertising is non-intrusive – Ambient advertising does not disturb you while you are watching your favourite T.V. programme or listening to your favourite songs on radio. It does not invade your entertainment space and time.

Excellent medium for POS communications – Impulse buying is a behaviour that marketers desire. POS communication is an excellent driver for impulse buying. Use of ambient advertising to deliver effective POS communication in malls, multiplexes, hypermarkets, etc. can add a sizeable percentage to the impulse purchases.

Novelty – Ambient advertising is different from regular traditional advertising. It instantly grabs attention because it has something new to offer. This novelty factor acts like a magnet to attract eyeballs and makes the ad almost impossible to ignore.

Precise targeting – Ambient media advertising is done at places which are sure to bring in the desired TG. Hence, there is minimal wastage.

Versatility – Ambient advertising is the most versatile medium and can be tailored to suit the environment of the place where it is being done. It allows the creative juices to flow and does not limit the marketer with pre-defined boundaries of creative confines.

Ambient media agencies in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and all the other major cities are experts at providing innovative ambient media solutions. Khushi Advertising is the leading ambient media agency in India offering a number of ambient media advertising solutions. Our long list of clientele trust us to deliver unique ambient solutions across various avenues such as malls, multiplexes, hypermarkets, airports, restaurants, gyms, bookstores and others.

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