Cinema Advertising



Marketers are constantly struggling to be at the top rung of the brand recall ladder in the consumer’s head. Today’s fast and competitive life coupled with the increase in number of media consumption options means that consumers very often consume two or more media simultaneously. They watch T.V. with their smartphones in hand and browse through it during commercial breaks on T.V. For the brands advertising on T.V., the harsh reality is that your TG is not giving their undivided attention to your ad. Media planners are taking notice of the effectiveness of cinema advertising.

Cinema is a medium that doesn’t have this shortcoming. Various studies have analysed and reported that ads watched in the cinema are processed by the brain more consciously, proving a much more powerful and emotionally engaging medium for brands.

There’s no denying that cinema delivers only a fraction in terms of reach and frequency as compared to T.V, however, as a supplementary medium it can enhance the effectiveness of T.V. Where cinema scores hands down over T.V. is in the impact it delivers.

Media planners today are sitting up and taking notice of the effectiveness of cinema advertising. Some of the reasons that media planners need to keep in mind are:-
Cinema advertising targets urban, educated and affluent audiences
Cinema advertising delivers more impact and recall than T.V.
Cinema delivers to a captive audience
Cinemas provide an immersive and captivating environment
Cinema audience is amenable to marketing communication
Unlike T.V., cinema advertisements cannot be skipped
Cinemas provides a big screen and superior sound quality to showcase brands
Precise targeting options are available in cinema advertising
Cinema advertising is the best option for pin-code specific marketing campaigns
Apart from onscreen ads, cinemas provide a platform for various branding and engagement opportunities
Cinema advertising offers cost-effective targeting as wastage is reduced due to precise targeting
Cinema industry is flourishing and more and more people are flocking to the cinemas every year

While it may not be advisable and feasible for marketers to run only cinema campaigns and not T.V., it would be best if media planners integrate cinema in their media mix as a complement to T.V. This way they can score on all the fronts- reach and frequency through T.V.; and recall and impact through cinema.

To sum up, cinema offers you a platform like no other to reach your filtered TG through an immersive and engaging manner. It offers you an opportunity to create that lasting appeal that lingers with the audience long after they leave the cinema hall. Brands and media planners are increasingly recognising the strong and unique impact of cinema advertising and weaving cinema into their overall media mix.

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