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Café Coffee Day is one of the most renowned coffee chains offering world-class coffee experience at reasonable prices. Café Coffee Day is one of the favorite hangout destinations of people for coffee and conversation.  An informal setup, relaxing ambience, snacks and beverages are offered by CCD to its patrons. Over the years CCD has established a robust brand image and attracts a significant number of daily patrons that includes youngsters, peer groups, and socially active people. Each year the customer base of CCD is increasing and the group mainly comprises of students and working professionals.

Café Coffee Day has partnered with Khushi Advertising Ideas Pvt. Ltd. for generating advertising revenues through wall branding at 300 CCD outlets. This provides the opportunity to different brands to promote their products and services to customers in an impressive and effective manner.

Advertising in CCD can be beneficial because of the following reasons-

(i)  CCD patrons have the capacity to spend.

(ii)  The average dwell time in CCD is around 45 minutes, which means that the ad cannot be missed.

(ii)  It is the preferred meeting place for people within age group of 15-35

Brands from different industry sectors including FMCG, telecom, films, and education can take the advantage of wall branding in Café Coffee Day. Some more benefits that advertising in Café Coffee Day offers are-

(i)  Advantage of communicating directly to the target audience

(ii)  An interactive alternative media with no attention diverters

(iii)  Large network across the country

(iv)  Least chances of customers switching communication

(v)  Uncluttered and consistent presence in an innovative manner

(vi)  Infinite possibilities of advertising

Advertising in CCD offers the marketer a plethora of options to attract the customers through innovative and impressive advertising. The message can be communicated to the target customers using the most prominent advertising space in CCD i.e. wall branding. Wall branding at CCD can deliver maximum impact as it is an impossible-to-miss advertising space. Marketers can make use of this innovative ambient advertising option to innovate and promote their brand successfully.

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