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Why Advertise in Gyms?

Why Advertise in Gyms?

Every avenue for advertising can be effectively used if the media planning agency can germinate an idea that can effectively carry the brand’s message and nurture that idea to create an innovative and unique advertising campaign. There are many mediums that brands have been using traditionally to advertise their products. While each of those mediums has a strong capability to deliver the brand message, what is also true is that all those traditional mediums have very little scope for bringing in uniqueness. Hence, agencies look for alternative avenues to showcase the brand which can garner maximum eyeballs from the appropriate target audience. One such avenue is gyms.

Gyms are excellent platforms for many brand categories to advertise and grab the attention of a precise target audience. People who frequent gyms are image conscious and are mindful about diet, health, well-being and appearance. Usually they are the ones who invest in diet food, health drinks, good clothes, fitness gear, deodorants, shoes, etc. Hence they prove to be the best target audience for brands in health food, fashion, accessories, shoes, perfumes, watches, etc. Advertising in gyms is a great association for wellness and luxury brands. Since gym goers generally hold a membership and are regulars, the advertising message also enjoys good repeat value. There is also a very good chance of your message reaching a wide audience through positive word-of-mouth communication by the gym patrons.

Advertising in gyms offers various advantages such as-
Reaching the right TG – brands can reach affluent, image-conscious consumers who use premium gyms
Hyperlocal marketing – brands can connect with local consumers who have the purchasing power and the propensity to spend.
Frequency – it is easy to achieve a good frequency of viewing as consumers spend at least 45 minutes per visit at the gym and regulars visit the gym 4 to 6 times a week. This will result in repetitive viewing of your ad.
Affordable Investment – advertising in a gym is relatively much cheaper than T.V. there is lesser wastage also as your ads are directed at your filtered target audience only. It helps you to target a specific group, which yields a much better return on your advertising investment.
Brand-avenue fit – if your brand is into health food, fashion, fitness gear, accessories, shoes, perfumes, watches, etc., gyms are the perfect platform for your advertisements.

Brands can select from the various communication options available in a gym-
Standees & Cut-outs
Promotions, Kiosks, Engagements & Activations

Hence, advertising at gymnasiums can prove to be a very good option for brands dealing with image and lifestyle. Khushi Advertising’s extensive list of over 200 gym outlets helps you to spread your brand’s message across multiple cities.

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