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In today’s world, advertising your product is equally important as manufacturing it. All your efforts of manufacturing will go in vain if you are not able to find suitable customers for it. The competition has increased manifold in every field and so, advertising has also evolved, so as to continue grabbing the attention of potential consumers. The new age advertising includes advertising in malls, advertising on airports, advertising via cinemas, etc.

Innovative advertising has changed the way products and services are advertised keeping in pace with the changing times. Shopping mall advertising has gained much importance in the recent years. Similarly, the latest trend is advertising via cinemas as it has several advantages. The large screen and powerful audio systems of the cinema halls make your ads look livelier and the message goes out loud and clear. If presented properly, an ad can become visually appealing and can leave its impact on the minds of the audience for long.

Another important advantage of cinema advertising is that you already have a captive audience ready to absorb marketing communication. They are ready to see whatever is shown on the screen as they have come with an open mind to watch a movie. Moreover, they can’t change the channel as one can do on T.V. Such an audience will offer lesser resistance to the ads. Your ad is not likely to be ignored by them and thus the motive of the ad makers is fulfilled.

All the leading cinemas generate substantial revenues via advertising. Brands have options as to which advertising partner they wish work with. Established advertising agencies like Khushi can help you join hands with all the big players for Big Cinemas advertising, PVR advertising, advertising in INOX, advertising in Fun Cinemas, etc. The impact of the message of the advertisement gets multiplied by the effect of huge canvas, high definition quality, powerful sound system and completely engaged audience of the cinema hall. The audience goes home with a convincing message about the advertised product or service.

Thus, with the changing times, innovative advertising has emerged as a new and effective way of advertising. It has many facets; advertising via cinemas is only one of them. No doubt, it is a very powerful medium for advertising but other equally powerful ones are advertising in shopping malls/ centers, airport advertising etc. So tap this vast advertising opportunity and reach out to your potential customers.

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