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Airport Advertising is the New Trend in Advertising

Airport Advertising is the New Trend in Advertising

Want to be in the eye of upscale and high-income customers? Your best opportunity may appear while they wait to get on their flights. And why just high-income, with the airfares going down, a fat scale of higher-middle-income flyers can also become your prospective buyers.

Airport Advertising is not a new kid on the block. The reason airport advertising is trending more than ever is the newest trends and digital ads with creative ideas. Advertising at airports has turned out to be a well-liked and steady growing way not only for brand promotion, but also to spread awareness about an event, product or service launch and influencing purchase behavior.

Out-of-Home ads have experienced huge growth over the years. Initially, it began with hoardings and billboards and evolved gradually with the dawn of different technologies. Airport advertising is playing an important role in endorsing brands. It is becoming one of the best mediums where businesses meet potential customers. Air travelers in India have multiplied at a phenomenal pace in the last 10 years. The increased traffic increases the chances of your ad being seen by a larger audience.

Why is airport advertising here to stay? Basically, this boils down to spectators’ response and environment. First of all, the passengers travelling through the world’s important airports have very high demographic profile and secondly, advertisers want to display their services and products in an environment that is beyond compare.

India, at present, is on the way to having a number of enhanced, polished new airport terminals due to the increasing traffic. Some of these boast of the most exceptional architecture and design. Hence, the combination of sensible audience and beautiful architecture is pretty captivating for the brands and businesses who want to get maximum return on advertising expenses.

Today, airport advertising is a preferred choice for marketers across India. This is because it gives the following advantages:

(i)  Targeted reach to household breadwinners, business professionals and decision-makers

(ii)  Clear visibility and maximum exposure of the brand message to customers

(iii)  High stay time & neat environment

(iv)  Scope for innovative ads

Creating ads that channelize demand for your product or service is crucial, most likely a demand that a customer never realized s/he had.  This can only be achieved by seasoned ad agencies. When you have a fresh product/service or any event to promote, do consider airport advertising by an experienced ad agency and see how inventive they can be!

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