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There’s a lot of buzz among marketers about this term called ambient media advertising. It is a relatively new breed of advertising that has caught the interest of marketers.

Ambient media advertising is the name given to non-traditional out-of-home advertising of products and services. It involves placing ads in unconventional places which were not traditionally used to advertise products e.g. elevators, escalators, washrooms in malls and multiplexes, seats in movie theatres, popcorn tubs in cinemas, etc. Therefore, ambient media are media formats that are different from the usual media consumed in out-of-home locations/environments through which advertising firms reach out to their target consumers.

Ambient media advertising leverages the conducive environment or ambience that places like malls, cinemas, airports, coffee shops, hypermarkets, restaurants, etc. offer to effectively communicate to the TG. The key to remember here is that the marketer has to select the best avenue and combine it with an effective message.

Ambient media advertising can be done in conjugation with traditional media or can be pursued as a standalone activity. Generally it is used as a supplement to the other traditional forms of advertising like TV, print, radio, etc.

Some of the reasons for the growth of ambient media advertising are-

Over-exposure to traditional media – the traditional mediums like TV, print, radio have been used extensively to the point of creating a clutter. The audience often tunes out this communication as it perceives it as a hindrance in their entertainment. Ambient advertising on the other hand, is very often innovative, unique and attractive. It draws people willingly towards it.

A greater demand for point-of-sale communications – there is a sizeable percentage of people in many urban areas of the country having high disposable income and the propensity to spend. It is easier to entice this audience by using effective POS communication and instigate impulse buying. This can be done only at places where the audience actually spends viz. malls, multiplexes, hypermarkets, etc. Ambient media advertising makes the best use of these avenues to communicate with the target audience.

Its ability to offer precise audience targeting – by picking desired geographical locations of multiplexes, malls, restaurants, etc. it is possible to precisely target your desired TG.

Its versatility – ambient advertising is not confined by pre-defined boundaries of placement or time. Hence it is the most versatile medium employing the creative capabilities of the marketers to the fullest.

Due to these advantages, ambient advertising in India is increasingly gaining momentum. Ambient media agencies in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and all the other major cities of the country are exploring this medium of advertising. Khushi Advertising is one of the top ambient media agencies in India offering a multitude of ambient media advertising solutions across various avenues such as malls, multiplexes, hypermarkets, airports, restaurants, gyms, bookstores and others. Khushi, known for its innovative advertising, is the one-stop solution for marketers looking for effective ambient media solutions.

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