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Ambient Advertising: The Smart Way of Getting Your Brand Noticed

Ambient Advertising: The Smart Way of Getting Your Brand Noticed

Ambient advertising refers to placing ads on unusual objects and places, where generally it is not expected to be. Media marketing agencies make the most of this form of advertising by combining the available medium with state of the art visuals, lights and forms to create the desired effect. This form of innovative advertising creates a greater impact on the subconscious minds of the visitors, and eventually creates solid brand image.

Traditionally, this form of advertising found place in the outside- on building structures, roads, benches, parks, huge billboards and signboards, etc. However, ambient advertising is not always done in the outside. In fact, shopping mall advertising as we see today is a classic form of ambient advertising. For example, advertising in the elevators, escalators, lobbies, corridors and more are nothing but smart advertising.

Basically, the essence of ambient advertising is thinking out of the box and creating ads that are funny, awe inspiring or plain shocking. It makes people think about the product and the brand. The word ambient advertising came in use for the first time in 1999, where it was used as a jargon by the UK media. However, seeing the results, it soon gained popularity and today it is used by some of the best advertising companies in India.

Some of the best advertising agencies in Mumbai opine that the optimal results can be achieved when the traditional modes of advertising are combined with ambient advertising. Experiential marketing companies have been using this form of advertising to introduce novel ideas and concepts to make the most of their brands.

However, it must be noted that for any marketing campaign to be successful, it needs to be well planned and thoughtfully designed. That’s where the expertise of top media agencies in India comes to play. Their experience, expertise and the ability to combine various formats to effectively convey the message will go a long way to create brand image and brand value for your products. Also, it would be best to supplement ambient advertising with other traditional and modern advertising to make the most out of your campaign.

So, let your brand image take a leap and make a lasting impression in the minds of your prospects and consumers. Make sure you seek the services of the right advertising agencies in Mumbai and add that “wow” factor to your advertisements.

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