Ambient Media Advertising Is Here To Stay

Ambient Media Advertising Is Here To Stay

Ambient Media Advertising Is Here To Stay

Marketing communication is a field which is ever-evolving. As such, it poses challenges for the marketer to consistently come up with innovative ways to catch the audience’s attention. Going further it does not suffice to merely catch the audience’s attention, it is equally important to sustain it by delivering the message in an interesting and effective manner. It is also important to bear the cost factor in mind. Hence, it’s a demanding task for a marketer to create new and innovative ways of communication and at the same time to be cost effective. In order to do both, one of the best ways to advertise is through ambient advertising. Ambient media advertising is unique because it is has the potential to be highly creative, eye-catching, fascinating and also cost effective.

Advertising Done Differently

Years ago, the word ‘advertising’ meant television ads, radio, print, posters, etc. It was inconceivable that regular commonplace objects such as staircases, elevators, benches, shopping trolleys, washrooms, etc. could be used to advertise. Ambient advertising is thus a revolution in the field of advertising. Ambient media advertising is the name given to non-traditional out-of-home advertising of products and services. It involves placing ads in unconventional places which were not traditionally used to advertise products.  Today this kind of advertising is gaining more and more popularity. The top ambient media agencies in India can vouch for the fact that you can strike the right cords with your TG through innovative ambient advertising. They can also provide ideas to implement the best ambient advertising solutions to effectively convey your message to your audience.

Ambient media advertising

serves as the perfect complement to other traditional forms of advertising like TV, print, radio, etc. Alternatively it can even serve as a very effective standalone activity if it is aptly designed and executed. One of the best features of ambient advertising is its versatility. It allows the marketers to don their creative hats giving more leeway than any traditional medium of advertising. This is the prime reason why ambient media agencies in Mumbai, Delhi and all the other major cities are in demand to create unique and innovative ambient advertising campaigns. The gradual decline in the power of traditional media, the rise in demand for innovative advertising, the capability to reach targeted audiences through desired geographical placement, a greater demand for point-of-sale communication are some of the other reasons why this form of advertising is increasingly gaining popularity. Undoubtedly, ambient advertising in India is here to stay.

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