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Ambient Media Advertising – The New Face of Advertising

Ambient Media Advertising – The New Face of Advertising

The conventional methods of advertising products are becoming obsolete these days as innovative and much more persuasive methods have come into the picture. Ambient media advertising is one such novel method of advertising in which the advertisements are placed at unusual places and on unusual objects where we normally do not expect an ad. It forces the people to notice that ad and thus, the purpose is solved.

Ambient advertising can be done anywhere and everywhere. These ads give a different dimension to the advertised products as the people start thinking about them differently. This alternative media showcases the products in quite unusual places like hot air balloons, back of parking slips, trolley handles in the supermarkets, projecting large images on the buildings etc.

What is ambient media: Ambient media refers to the media environment in which the information is communicated in a universal and pervasive environment. The content and technology used in theses advertisements can create new possibilities in the field of advertising. Ambient media advertising is like a niche for the advertising agencies to overcome the traditional methods and find out new avenues to grab the attention of the buyers.

The advertising agencies do a survey and place their ads at the most visited places such as railway stations, airports, shopping malls etc. so that more and more number of people can see these ads. The ads push the brand message effectively in front of the potential consumers and their uniqueness helps in developing the easy recall within the minds of the target audience. Thus, the advertisers are able to maintain the brand awareness which helps them in increasing sales.

Ambient media grew enormously in the recent years due to various factors such as its versatile nature, its ability to target the potential consumers very effectively and precisely, its innovative ways and a reduction in the efficiency of the traditional media in persuading the people.

Best ambient advertising is the one that brings out the products in an altogether different way such that the targeted audience cannot help noticing it. The products may be old and well known but their presentation is unique so that the message given is loud and clear and impossible to ignore. Such advertising can be surprising, shocking or even funny. The target is to get the image fixed in the minds of the consumers which can easily be recalled whenever required.

Thus, ambient advertising is the new face of advertising and is moving towards a huge leap in the coming years.

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