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The Future of Cinema Advertising

The Future of Cinema Advertising

If you ask experts about the most happening niche in the field of advertising in the recent years, then they will vote for Cinema Advertizing without a blink. It has shown a tremendous growth rate and the trend seems to continue. Most of the cinema advertising agencies in Mumbai reported consistent performance for years.  Consolidation and mergers in the multiplex business changed the rules of the game. Today, it is a battle between a few companies. As the footfall in the multiplex increases consistently, competitors want to grab as much share as possible. Agencies use every possible gimmick that keeps the cinema advertising A Zing thing!

It is a paradigm shift

Middle and Upper-Middle class of the Indian society had stopped watching movies in the movie halls until last decade. Inferior quality and poor maintenance were the primary reasons. Multiplexes changed the scenario completely and it is pleasurable and comfortable experience today. In spite of expensive tickets, people prefer to watch a movie in posh multiplexes instead of old-fashioned single-screens. With an improved quality of interiors, digital screens and surround sound, multiplexes make it an awfully entertaining experience. With international chains of Inox, Adlabs and PVR introducing modern, sophisticated theaters across the country, the experience will get further enriched.

Since multiplexes assure a certain kind of elite audience, segmented advertizing makes more sense. Lifestyle products, clothing, and digital accessories that appeal particular strata of the society are being targeted by cinema advertising agencies in Delhi. Cellular services, soft drinks, ice-cream brands and premium banking and insurance sectors find it quite profitable.

Emergence of “compulsive spending people” boosts it further

Economists and sociologists say that there is a new class of neo-rich people who spend just out of habit. They buy apparels, fashion accessories, and shoes whenever they visit malls.  Psychology of such “compulsive buyers” is kept into consideration while designing exclusive advertising campaigns by reputed PVR cinemas advertising agencies. They trigger the buying desires of such people. It is a guaranteed formula for success. These buyers don’t bother about the price tags. For them, buying is critical.

Until the time malls and multiplexes remain crowded with families and youngsters enjoying a full-day fun on the weekends, the best cinema advertising agency and its competitors will be busy with developing mind-boggling advertising ideas. It is a promising and profitable business where the opportunities are limitless. Creative minds with groundbreaking ideas can make a fortune!

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