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The marketing discipline of Brand Activation has been gaining a lot of importance in the industry. Brand Activation, sometimes called brand engagement, focuses on building a longer term emotional connection between the brand and the customer- Wikipedia.

Brand Activation is the art of moving consumers to action. It is the act of influencing favourable consumer action through brand interaction and experiences. In other words, the underlying intent of Brand Activation is call-to-action. Brand Activation campaigns can prove to be very effective in generating awareness, encouraging trial and eventually leading to purchase and brand loyalty. Brand Activation brings brands to life via experiences and works as a stimulus to elicit a long-term emotional connection. There are various avenues through which brand activations can be carried out. Multiplex Activation is one such avenue where the brand can engage consumers in various forms.

In today’s times with the continuous bombardment of advertisements, it is very difficult for consumers to absorb all messages. Naturally, they tend to omit those messages which are uninteresting. Many forms of advertising rely on the age-old single-way communication and consumers tend to tune out the monotonous drone of such messages. This is where Brand Activation comes to the rescue. Brand activation in multiplex can create the desired impact and interest. Multiplex Activation is an excellent medium to reach target consumers when they are in the most favourable mood to absorb communication. Multiplex audiences are typically affluent, urban, educated and fall in the appropriate age bracket for many brands in lifestyle, leisure, travel, fitness, banking, automobiles, clothing and accessories, etc. This TG has the propensity to spend and is in the most receptive frame of mind while at a multiplex. Hence, engaging this TG via Brand Activation in Multiplex through various forms such as sampling campaigns, experiential marketing, consumer promotions, contests and lucky draws, product demonstrations, etc. is the best bet to gather valuable data about prospective customers. It gives the brand a chance to interact with real customers and extract genuine feedback.

Khushi is steadily making a mark for itself in the Multiplex Activation domain. We recognise that experience-led-activation is the key to long term brand-consumer relationships and should be considered as an important component of the overall marketing mix. We are one of the most sought after Brand Activation agencies that are experts in Multiplex Activation and Mall Activation and we meticulously design campaigns that are in sync with brand objectives to deliver hassle-free BTL activation campaigns.

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