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For any brand to create top-of-the-mind recall with the target audience, it is extremely essential to remain visible and reach out to its TG consistently through various media. If the brand communication is unique and it is communicated in a novel manner, the chances that the message strikes the right cord with the target audience are increased manifold. One approach to do this could be to break away from the oft-repeated forms of advertising employed over the years. This can also be done by supplementing the traditional forms of advertising with the more modern and highly engaging forms of advertising.

Brand activation is one such relatively modern approach of brand advertising / promotion. Brand activation is defined as the art of driving consumer action through brand interaction and experiences. It is based on establishing emotional connections with the audience and in developing long-term relationships. Brand activation can take various forms and can be delivered via several channels such as consumer promotions, experiential marketing, digital campaigns, sampling campaigns, etc. While selecting the specific channel, it is important to consider all the available options, the campaign objectives, brand fit and budget, and the option which has the potential to be the most lucrative. It is important to first analyse: what is it that can engage the customers and hit the right cord? What will make the audience stand up and take notice of the campaign? Why would they engage? How is the campaign objective going to drive the actual execution? How will the brand activation resonate with the customers and drive top of mind recall? How will the campaign achieve its desired results?

Building an activation campaign on a multichannel approach (social, digital, experiential, etc.) can create engagement covering various aspects of a customer’s daily routine. It can ensure that the campaign reaches the customer through one or all of the mediums employed. Wherever possible, the message should be personalised to bring in added appeal.

It is important to note that brand activation does not focus on immediate sales. The objective of brand activation is to generate awareness, generate trial and inspire the customer to act. Brand activation is an excellent method to prompt brand switching and brand loyalty.

There are specialist Brand Activation agencies that are adept at designing the best campaigns. An expert brand activation agency like Khushi can develop customised brand activation campaigns that can help a brand meet its objectives.

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