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Branding is all about creating brand value and fortifying brand image and what better place could there be than the airport? With the rise of higher middle class and novo rich quickly climbing the ladder, the airports in India are experiencing a massive rise in air traffic. This is true not just for metropolitan cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Calcutta, but the comparatively smaller airports of Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and other cities have also witnessed a considerable growth in traffic.  With millions of passengers travelling by air each year, branding at airport can give great mileage to your brands, and undoubtedly makes branding at airports a good marketing investment.

Let’s check out few reasons for this:

The high fliers: Airport is the place where the high end customers pour in from across the globe. It is the most ideal place to target people of the affluent class. Since these customers have high purchasing power, they are naturally inclined to buy branded goods.

International travellers: Leading brand promotions companies in India which specialize in branding and advertising stress that airports are the best place to grab attention of international travellers. So, airport advertising remains at number #1 for multinational brands.

Ample time to spend at Airport: It becomes almost mandatory for air travellers to spend a couple of hours at the airport to comply with various airport formalities. This gives ample time to the travellers to look around and move around the airport. No wonder airport advertising agencies in India try to cash on this opportunity and gain optimal visibility for their brands.

Ample places to advertise: Airport offers abundant scope for highlighting different brands. From billboards, hoardings and stand alones at prime locations to huge gates, conveyor belts, escalators, elevators, security check, baggage claims and boarding areas….you name it! The brands can convey their story and message. Even commercials can be telecast while the passengers wait at the security checks.

Airport is a destination that’s being flocked by people willing to spend money. It is a place where attention span of target audience is greater. With these obvious benefits, the advertising gurus in India and the best advertising agencies in Mumbai conclude that branding at airports is the king of advertising in India and will remain so for many, many years to come.

So, if you want to create brand awareness, get your products advertised at the airports!

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