Cinemas are back with a bang!

Cinemas are back with a bang!

Cinemas are back with a bang!

After cinemas opened up, cinema-goers breathed a sigh of relief. They got to go to a place that they used to consider their sanctuary. Now that the covid situation is better, cinephiles are flocking to multiplexes.

The long break provoked every movie fan to return to the cinema and rejoice in the experience of the bigger screen. For almost 2 long years cinemas remained shut. The industry suffered and so did the fraternity.

But, that’s all behind us, for now. Fortunately, cinemas are now seeing footfalls on the rise, while keeping safety norms in mind. Movies are hitting the screens, the kernels are popping, the glasses are fizzing and most importantly people are visiting to watch their favourite actors. The phrase- ‘Let’s go to the movies’ feels like music to the ears now.

Cinephiles, cinema lovers, critics and casual watchers just looking for some entertainment are the mixed lot that visit the cinema today. The question that arises for you, as brands, is that – is the movie the only thing that you want all these people to watch? Wouldn’t you want this crowd to see an ad right next to a poster of a movie that they’re desperately waiting for? Wouldn’t you want them to witness an ad film just before the movie to create an excellent recall?

The answer is always ‘Yes’. And that’s where cinema advertising comes in. Advertising in cinemas is an old tactic that that has proven to be effective. Be it the big screen, the signages or any empty corner of a multiplex, there are opportunities to advertise everywhere. A cine-goer, while he is at the cinema, is looking for absolutely anything to grab his attention. Then the right move is to have an ad for your brand to do that job.

A prospective customer is good. But how about hundreds of them, or better yet, thousands?! The list of advantages of cinema advertising is endless. And with superhits finally releasing, this crowd isn’t going anywhere else. They’re coming here, they’re going to keep coming here for the experience that cinemas provide. They will look at the menu on that screen behind the counter, and if there’s an ad there, they will watch it. They will be early to the cinemas, and if there’s an ad playing, they will watch it and remember it. They will look at posters of new films, and with your ad right there, they will look at it too.

As your partner for ambient advertising in cinemas, we want to let you know that this is a chance and an opportunity that we wouldn’t want you to let go of. Movie advertising has been proven to provide a recall value like no other form. It is where you have your audience to yourselves and before the movie begins, all their attention is yours to grab.

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