Do You Know The Best Places For Ambient Advertising?

Do You Know The Best Places For Ambient Advertising?

Do You Know The Best Places For Ambient Advertising?

We live in an era where we are continuously exposed to information. As a result, a person’s attention span has significantly decreased. We have become accustomed to getting things done as quickly as possible. With a shorter attention span than a goldfish, how do you advertise your brand and present your message to people in a matter of a few seconds? 

This is where the concept of innovative advertising comes into play. Advertisements can be found on billboards, newspapers, stores, restaurants and even public restrooms. To stand out from the crowd, brands create one-of-a-kind campaigns, ideas, and placements. “Smart Advertising” is what we can call Innovative Advertising in a nutshell.

The location of your adverts is crucial in establishing a brand identity. One of the most effective methods of branding and attracting public attention is ambient advertising. Ambient marketing, also known as ambient advertising, is a marketing strategy in which a company advertises its product or brand in an unconventional location. People don’t expect to see that particular advertisement, and that distinguishes ambient marketing from other forms of marketing. It’s a guerrilla marketing method that necessitates distinctive inventiveness to promote any brand or product.

Marketers employ unique ideas, locations and effective messages that can stick in the minds of consumers to create a good and successful ambient advertising campaign. Marketers frequently create billboards with unique dimensions, such as making them extra-large or even tiny because people’s attention is drawn to unusual things. Ambient advertising can be present in a variety of places, including the streets, trains, banners, crosswalks, and cars. Before putting up an ambient ad, the marketer evaluates whether or not these types of ads have a wow factor. Ambient ads are most often successful when they are placed in unique locations.

Airport Advertising

Even before they board the plane, airline customers can be exposed to a variety of branding opportunities. Airport lounges and ambient media at airports provide a variety of communication platforms that can be utilized to reach out to a potential target demographic, according to the brand’s advertising goals.

The airline media provides a variety of explicit and implicit advertising options to engage with passengers while onboard without being too invasive. During the flight, they may incorporate print, audio-visual or sampling, among other things. The ability to communicate in multiple ways provides marketers with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to expose their brand through ambient media advertising. For example – Narita Airport in Greater Tokyo unveiled its brand-new Terminal 3, along with a running track design in celebration of Japan hosting the 2020 Olympics.

Advertising in Malls

Previously, Malls were thought to be luxurious marketplaces where only those with a high spending power could go and buy international and high-end products. Malls now offer affordable products to people from all walks of life. Malls are now synonymous with places where people can have fun, be entertained and shop. Because malls cater to a large number of people, they provide valuable marketing and branding opportunities. The audience knows the usual ways of marketing, so surprise them with something new, and they will be immediately drawn to it. Large digital displays, outdoor hoardings, entrance gate decor, large-format roof-hangings, full-elevator ads and other types of ambient advertising are used by various brands, and they are usually a great success if planned right.

Malls offer an abundance of space to hold plenty of advertisements. As potential customers enter the malls, they are immediately bombarded with all sorts of information and knowledge. But to stick out the most, the ad needs to be memorable and persistent. This way customers subconsciously make a note of the brand. They instinctively remember it, and their purchases are influenced as a result. To give you an example of the same – celebrating the reopening of one of Primark’s flagship stores in the United States, the clothing retailer filled gigantic versions of its bags with clothes and accessories, transforming customers and employees into walking billboards unveiling the grand reopening with ironic and amusing messages written on the bag.

Cinema Advertising

Cinema Advertising is the process of combining cinema and advertising. It is one of the most innovative and creative forms of advertising trending now. The number of viewers is growing by the day, with the number of multiplex screens increasing from a few to over 3000 today.

Cinema advertising begins long before a person walks into a theatre to watch a movie and continues even after the movie has ended. It includes advertising at ticket booths, security checks, lobby, elevators, walls, restroom, stairwell, floors, as well as ticket jackets, refreshment counters, poster boxes, kiosks, trays, seats and more.

Cinema advertising distinguishes itself from all other types of advertising by ensuring that the brand reaches individuals without offering them a choice to skip the ad. Brands can target a specific demographic or audience based on the type of film being screened. This style promises to be far more efficient and successful than other cliche advertising formats. Here is an example of a fantastic cinema advertising campaign. Movies in your Pocket campaign by iPod – In this campaign, cinemas were engaged with miniaturizing the movie-going experience to promote the iPod’s movie function.

Tiny popcorn boxes with the campaign slogan “Movies in Your Pocket” were made. Movie posters saying “iPod -Movies in your pocket” were posted in a smaller than normal size on the walls along with other movie posters too. They also screened a movie trailer that played at a fraction of its normal size as if watching on the iPod. This campaign turned out to be a great success for iPod. 

In conclusion, we can say that Ambient Media Advertising is a breakthrough that goes beyond the boundaries of traditional advertising. 


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