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Developing a great media planning strategy is extremely crucial for branding success. By definition media planning is an extensive term, encompassing a wide range of scopes. These are some of the key criteria to consider before employing an agency to handle media planning and buying.

(1)  Accessibility to strategic locations for ambient and experiential marketing

(2)  No dearth of fantastic creative ideas delivered bang on time

(3)  A constant guarantee of cooperative interaction with the advertiser

(4)  Adeptness at all channels of media keeping with their unique characteristics (TV, radio, print, banners, hoarding, kiosks, leaflets, etc.)

(5)  Confirmation of fair pricing package with neat rates

(6)  A constant desire to improve and make the next campaign somehow better than the last one

(7)  Professionals who can read between the lines of your instructions to decipher what you really want to say via your campaign

You get the idea! There are many notified top media agencies in India, but you need to find the best people according to your needs and preferences. A very important thing to see here is the attitude compatibility. If there is a clash of principles somewhere, it ultimately reflects on the overall outcome.

Communication is the key as always, so focus on how are you feeling after discussing your campaign with your agency. Do they immediately snub you tacitly and put down your idea with the promise of something totally different? Do they listen patiently to what you say and work on it to make it better by experienced inputs? These are some of the major things that you must note in choosing from the short list of the coolest advertising agencies in Mumbai.

Although not mentioned explicitly in the above list, yet all-round resourcefulness is an important criterion that one must note. You need to obtain license from authorities for setting up banners and hoardings. In many Indian cities, there is a lot of debate on banners blocking the architectural heritage of the city. Only an experienced marketing agency can help you there. Otherwise, it really makes no sense to set up a big hoarding only to receive an official notice after some days to pull it down immediately! Another instance that can be cited here is cinema advertising. Only an expert cinema advertising agency can help you plan your cinema campaigns across various cinemas to help you achieve maximum reach at the best rates. Their expertise and stronghold over this domain is unmatched. Definitely remember all these things prior to selecting from the media planning agencies in Mumbai.

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