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Driving Innovation Through Ambient Media Advertising

Driving Innovation Through Ambient Media Advertising

Innovation and disruption are the buzz words today. Be it in any industry. The one who stands out is the one who innovates. In the current day business scenario, innovativeness has become a major factor in influencing strategic planning. In the long run, innovation can go a long way in sustaining business growth. Surely innovation should be at the heart of advertising and creativity. Innovation means using new technology and using new ways of thinking to add value to an existing idea or product.

Advertisers today are constantly on the lookout for new and interesting ways to capture audience attention. However, capturing audience attention and holding it is a major task in itself with the clutter of advertisements in most of the media options. The amount of media clutter today is mind boggling where consumers are becoming immune to traditional media of advertising. Add to this increased competition in crowded areas, proliferation of brands and short attention span of the audience.

Herein comes the saviour – ambient advertising, which aims to look at more innovative avenues to catch the eye of the weary consumer. The best aspect of ambient advertising is that it has a huge scope for creativity and idea innovation. In fact this is the major reason why it attracts immediate attention apart from general visibility for the brand. With ambient advertising, businesses have a chance to stand out and grab much sought after attention and time from potential customers. Ambient advertising can be fun and genuinely informative too. It is not confined by pre-defined boundaries of placement or time. Hence it is the most versatile medium employing the creative capabilities of the marketers to the fullest. Ambient advertising will always hold its case of bringing that ‘wow’ factor in advertising which hardly any other media can do consistently.
And the huge scope for more innovation keeps the spirit of advertisers high. It is very often innovative, unique and attractive. It draws people willingly towards it. Ambient advertising’s greatest strength is that it relies on creativity and imagination, rather than a big budget. It is typically low-cost, unconventional and can be localized and targeted to specific audiences.

No points for guessing the level of innovation that can be used in ambient advertising. Sky’s the limit. Put on your thinking caps and make the utmost use of this hugely innovative medium that is sure to spell success for your brand.

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