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Executing Experiential Marketing Strategies

Executing Experiential Marketing Strategies

Experiential Marketing refers to executable strategies that offer a more direct and interactive connection with the potential customer. Mall stores have emerged as fabulous testing grounds for trying such types of direct marketing. Some of the best advertising companies in India professionally handle elaborate ambient advertising requirements by offering affordable packages.Experiential marketing also serves as the launching platform for new offers and promotions.

These methods may be relatively expensive for the usual short-term campaign, but the fabulous returns typically compensate the expenses manifold. These are perfect for localized niche access as it becomes easy to engage in hyper local marketing. The following sections describe a few key concepts for the perfect Experiential Marketing campaign.

Glamour based advertising
What is the image that first comes to your mind when you hear of the word ‘mall’? Obviously, you think of lots of stylish shops and elite crowds and colourful things everywhere! The point here is that in order to captivate the attention of the mall-going crowd, the advertisements have to be impressive!

Professionals use various methods such as LED displays on ad boards, colorful graphics, TV and projector displays. Interactivity also adds a distinct advantage. For example, allowing prospects to touch, use or taste the product in the display creates a connection with the customers and enhances the brand value of the product.

Location and position
Such marketing methods offer significant benefits for location specific market access. For instance, if you would want to attract people living in the Western parts of the city, the key approach would be to find a mall advertising agency in India that can promote your brand at specified places.

Placement of your ads at the mall is also an important factor. For example, if your ad is displayed at a corner with very few visitors and has low visibility, then the entire purpose of Experiential Marketing gets defeated. Therefore, one must consider a space where your brand would get optimal viewership.

Often setting up a display board in the interior areas of mall is available in a low budget. But ultimately the money saved is going to cost you more, as it cannot reach the targeted consumers.

Therefore, before you shortlist your Experiential Marketing agency, check out the available packages, customizability options, durations, and more. See if they employ innovative and attractive experiential marketing ideas to achieve the best results for your brand.

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