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Experiment with Experiential Marketing

Experiment with Experiential Marketing

Any marketer will vouch for the fact that there is nothing like making your customer experience your brand first hand. It is the best way to influence your customer. Brands are increasingly discovering that interacting with customers is the best bet to establish a connect with your brand. Once a connect is established, it becomes the first step to winning a customer for life.

As any veteran in the field of marketing would opine, the correct manner to start off any marketing exercise is to be in constant touch with the consumers and try and understand what their need is. A marketer needs information about the customer’s likes, dislikes, wants, needs, choices, preferences, etc. first hand. Consider the number of ads a viewer is exposed to while watching television. It is extremely difficult to recall them due to the sheer number of ads that get bombarded and the lack of personal touch. This is where Experiential marketing comes to the rescue. This type of marketing focuses on engaging the customer on a personal level and allowing the consumer to experience the brand. Since Experiential Marketing engages the customer on a personal level, it creates a memorable experience for the customer that will be remembered for a long time.

Experiential Marketing revolves round creating a holistic brand experience for the consumer. Since a consumer can participate in the Experiential Marketing event, it draws an emotional connect with the consumer. Generally, consumers are more likely to buy a product if they can first try it. Experiential Marketing gives them an opportunity to do so. If a brand can successfully engage the audience through innovative Experiential Marketing ideas then, then it stands a great chance to create a sense of belongingness and ownership in the consumer’s mind. It is this sense of belongingness and ownership that goes a long way in developing a deep impact on the consumer’s mind. Experiential marketing immerses consumers within the brand by engaging as many human senses as possible. When the senses of touch, feel, smell, hearing and sight are employed, the resultant impact is many times more than seeing a regular advertisement on TV or driving past a billboard on the highway.

Brands which have hitherto shied away from experimenting with Experiential Marketing need to rethink their strategy. Innovative Experiential Marketing ideas can go a long way in winning a customer for life.

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