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Hypermarket Advertising – Its Importance

Hypermarket Advertising – Its Importance


The Indian culture and customers have evolved over the years and more and more customers flock to hypermarkets for shopping…These customers are well informed, are brand conscious and are ready to spend money. Therefore, grabbing their eyeballs when they are at the hypermarket obviously makes sense.

Hypermarket advertising is about targeting the right people, in their right mind set so that they can easily connect with your brand, product or services and become repeat buyers. Forum Mall branding help us in understanding consumer brand association in Shopping malls. Hypermarket advertising involves 3 crucial factors:


Research reveals that customers visiting hypermarkets are more receptive to advertisements at hypermarkets. So, its better for advertising in malls. With advertisements placed strategically across the hypermarket, customers inadvertently notice the brand and the brand message and are potentially more likely to convert as compared to other forms of advertisements.

Constantly in the view

No matter how good your product or service is and no matter how much brand value it has, ‘out of sight, is often out of mind’….Therefore it is important that your products enjoy greater visibility  so as to be in the minds of your customers. It is understood that most people frequent hypermarkets at least 3 to 8 times a month. Thus, when you put up your advertisement at a hypermarket, your brand is constantly in the view of customers.

Reaching out to wider audience

Most people still prefer visiting hypermarket for their regular purchases despite the growing online market. As such, you are likely to reach out to wider audience when you advertise at the hypermarket. Advertising in shopping centres and Shopping Mall advertising is about targeting the right people,so that they can easily connect.

Most importantly, innovative methods are deployed for hypermarket advertising. Right from trolleys to façades and arch gates to drop downs, shelves branding and stickers, there are ample ways to ensure that your brand always remains visible to your customers.  One of the biggest advantages of hypermarket advertising is that you can decide where to place your advertisement depending on who your product caters to…For example, displaying ads for food products in the grocery section obviously makes more sense than putting it elsewhere…Again, placing danglers at prominent locations ensure that your ad is visible to the target audience before they make their buying decision.

Plus, you can also engage your customers and earn their loyalty through various promotional events, offers and loyalty programs at the hypermarkets.

All in all, if you are catering to local audiences, hypermarket is the place to be for optimizing your returns on advertising spending…Get more out of your ad spend through hypermarket advertising!


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