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It goes without saying that ads with strong messages make the maximum impact. If the ad is also visually appealing, it promises to have the makings of a successful ad campaign. Every advertiser wishes that his ad reaches as much of the target audience as possible and as many times as possible i.e. it achieves maximum reach and frequency. Media like TV, newspaper and radio make this possible. However, it is also possible that the most well-written and beautifully shot ads can fail to deliver the desired impact. Hence, it is essential that the ad is correctly placed keeping the medium and the target audience in mind.

Ad placement can make a world of difference to the overall impact the ad creates. Non-traditional media rely heavily on the placement of the ad to deliver success. Take for example, cinema advertising. Advertisements in cinemas are placed before the movie starts and during the interval. At both these times the audience is relaxed and has surrendered themselves to the environment. They are there to have a good time and to spend money on entertainment and leisure. They do not find the ads playing on the screen to be an intrusion. In fact, they are actually relaxed enough to pay attention to the ad, unlike when they view the same ad on TV. Here, placing the ad in the cinema where the precise target audience is available turns out to be beneficial. The benefit is even more if the advertised product is available within the premises of the same mall that the multiplex is situated in. Another example is the ads placed at the Point of Purchase (POP), which can draw increased number of impulse buyers. The most apt example of how ad placement can do wonders is ambient advertising. Ambient advertising involves placing ads in unconventional places like elevators, escalators, washrooms in malls and multiplexes, aisles in cinemas, seats in cinemas, popcorn tubs in cinemas, trays in coffee shops, etc. Therefore, ambient media advertising banks heavily on the placement of the ad in the appropriate location. If the communication is placed perfectly in the most apt location, then the delivered impact is multiplied. Eg. An advertisement for diet food placed on the treadmill in gyms. Here, the ad placement wins half the battle for the brand.

These and many more instances clearly elucidate the importance of ad placement. Ad placement can make all the difference between the success and failure of an ad.

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