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Cinema Advertising – Effective Way of Advertising

Cinema Advertising – Effective Way of Advertising

Cinema from years has been a catalyst to ‘together time’ for couples, friend’s families, and peer groups and hence the involvement of bonding over the shared experience of a film rates much more than any other entertainment avenues. This ‘Together time’ is sometimes hard to find and harder for a marketer to enter. Cinema provides the most apt state of mind that exists in no other medium. The audience gets into maximum receptive frame of mind owing to voluntary surrender to that environment

The number of people paying a visit to the cinema each year has been tremendously increasing. Since 2008, cinema has seen the total number of people visiting rising by 24 per cent, with 75 per cent of the adult population visiting the cinema at least once a year. In 2008, only 64 per cent went to the cinema, which translates to 7.5 million more people visiting the cinemas this year than in 2008. With 87 per cent of cinema goers exposed to cinema advertising, cinema’s appeal is constantly expanding, reaching increasing number of people, providing a much powerful way for advertisers to reach audiences.

2015 is just set to be a remarkable year for cinema, with a much huge array of big screen content ready to satisfy all sorts of audiences. Definitely cinema is not the biggest thing on the planet, but it does deliver the chance to target the audience that is harder to reach in a much processed way including the highly engaged audience that brand’s really want to reach. The opportunity is actually to investing in enhancing the cinema going experience because the cinema’s resilience and lasting appeal stays with the audience longer even after the film.

Khushi advertising enhances on screen advertising offering many unique, targeted as well as innovative advertising opportunities for all types of businesses. We have a list of cinema halls in India in which we can advertise for you including all famous cinemas like PVR, Inox, Big Cinemas and much more. We also do airport advertising for our clients. We ensure that advertisements made by us divert the viewers to the particular brand ensuring more awareness among the audience. Our mission is to work ceaselessly with our clients & help them grow their businesses. We ensure our success by continuously and reliably satisfying our customers, partners along with our employees. Trust us for more awareness and we will ensure that your trust will never be broken.

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