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Khushi has always been at the helm of innovative brand activations and experiential marketing. Our innovative advertising ideas have made us a favourite among our clients. Our clients trust in us has made us one of the best advertising companies in India. One such instance where we created an innovative activation was on Independence Day at SGS Mall, Pune.

SGS Mall wished to create an engaging experience for its customers in line with the theme – Independence Day. Khushi was briefed to design an activation which would evoke a sense of patriotism and unity amongst the participants.

According to this brief, Khushi conceptualised and executed a unique tribute to the nation’s beloved Dr. APJ Kalam. An innovative activation was designed where a special activation space was created with a white canvas frame put on the stage in the atrium of the mall. The visitors to SGS mall were encouraged to come up on the stage and leave their thumb impression on the canvas as a symbol of respect. Collectively these thumb prints contributed to forming a giant sketch of Dr Kalam!

Apart from this unique activation, a tri-colored arch gate festooned with balloons, decorated railings, frill decorations, drops downs, a quiz for the customers who walked in, kids’ dance program and distribution of gifts added to the excitement.
Such activations in malls always turn out to be crowd-pullers and this activity was very well received and appreciated by all the customers who participated. We managed to create a memorable & an engaging activity which brought out love & patriotism in the hearts of the visitors on the Independence Day. Soon, word spread in the nearby vicinity and people were eager to be a part of this experience on this special day. As a result, SGS mall witnessed 30% more footfalls on that day!

SGS mall managed to create a lot of positive word of mouth. We consciously steered away from a conventional branding exercise. This activation combined an interactive element with an emotional connect and a sense of accomplishment for the participants. This is what every marketer seeks to achieve through his activations. Innovative advertising always pays as it invariably succeeds in establishing an instant connect with the audience. When such innovative advertising is coupled with an element of interaction and participation, as in this case, it works even better in enriching the entire experience for the audience.

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