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Key Benefits of Ambient Advertising

Key Benefits of Ambient Advertising


The revolution in information technology and the increasing ad clutter led innovators to devise radical forms of advertising. Ambient advertising is one such form of advertising that uses funny, outrageous, shocking and creative ad-campaigns to get its message across to the target audience. The inherent feature of this advertising mode is that it can be placed at an unusual location, may take an unusual form or size or may be executed in an unusual manner.

Cutting Edge Impact

Novelty, creativity and timing are key features of ambient advertising that have given it a cutting edge advantage over conventional advertising modes. Following are some factors that have made it highly popular in the world of advertising.

Wow Factor: Ambient advertising provides the wow factor that goes towards making a lasting first impression. Painting public vehicles in bright colours and putting your brand name on it, doing the same on shopping cart handles, public urinals, parking tickets or using busy street junctions to put up enlarged versions of your brand all go towards creating the ‘wow’ factor.

Appeal to Customer Intelligence:  Ambient advertising appeals to the intelligence of the customer. A seemingly absurd ad has a meaningful message or idea behind it which is comprehended by the smart customer of today. It communicates with the consumer at several touch points, tickles his curiosity and makes him want to know more.

Interactive:  People love advertising mediums where they can interact. Augmented reality, interactive installations or performance inspired pieces associated with ambient advertising is what makes it highly effective in brand recognition and recall.

Return on Investment

In days of slashed advertising budgets, creative minds have to work with constrained budgets and devise ad campaigns that create unforgettable first and lasting impressions on the minds of the customer. Ambient advertising fits this requirement perfectly as the investment required is low while the buzz created is huge and far reaching. Recognition and recall of the brand is very high here.

Enhancing the Differentiation Factor

If you want to make your advertising highly impactful you have to make it so different that it cannot but make a great impact on the customers’ minds. Ambient advertising is the medium that helps to give the differentiating edge to the product and and lift it above the clutter of other similar products. Small ideas when used rightly create maximum impact and this is what ambient advertising does!