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Key to a Successful Ambient Advertising Campaign

Key to a Successful Ambient Advertising Campaign

In today’s world, all of us are bombarded with innumerable advertisements right from the time we wake up till we settle for the night. Companies trying to sell their products and services vie with one another to catch the attention of the consumer. Advertising through commercial breaks, giant hoardings, posters, flyers and what not! However, the consumer in today’s fast paced world is not easy to please. It is only the most eye catching advertisement that will merit some time and attention from him. How can this be done?

Ambient advertising is the answer! Many advertising agencies in Mumbai have resorted to ambient media advertising to create an impact on the consumer minds for their product or service. One among them is Khushi Advertising which has been quite successful at it. However, do we really know what is ambient media?

Ambient Media – Advertising done differently

Today are the days of ambient advertising with the traditional forms of advertisements having a reduced quotient of consumer appeal. In this new form of advertising, advertisements are placed at the most unusual places to bring an element of surprise and fascination to the consumer. The ideas could be bizarre but they do achieve the desired effect. Some of the media formats that are used include common-place objects like a park seat, waste-paper bins, handles of shopping trolleys, sides of buses and taxis or unconventional locations such as public urinals, washrooms or building windows. Creativity at its best is the trademark of ambient media advertising.

Secrets to Success

The main aim of the ambient advertising agency is to create an ‘unforgettable’ ad. In order to do this the advertising agency has to take into consideration several factors.

The first vital factor is the unusualness of the location. The next is the content of the message and its co-relation to the location. The execution of the advertisement matters the most. The combination of the media format and the underlying message has to have the ‘wow’ factor. This alone helps to communicate the message to the target audience most effectively. The innovativeness of the creative team at Khushi Advertising is responsible for its success in this field.

To give an example, it is quite common to write advertising messages behind trucks, tankers, cars but incorporating a car’s back wiper relevantly into the advertising message enhances the effectiveness and catches the attention of the viewer. The ad should generate greater consumer engagement and also offer the advertiser a chance to drive contextually pertinent communication.

Ambient advertising has definitely taken product/service advertising to the next level!

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