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Khushi Advertising Dishes Out Two Winning Advertising Campaigns For Burrp!

Khushi Advertising Dishes Out Two Winning Advertising Campaigns For Burrp!

Burrp! is a pioneer in the Indian food discovery space and a one-stop solution for all kinds of food related queries. They wished to launch two campaigns, one, to recognise the best restaurants across 7 cities and second for New Year’s Eve. The campaigns were slotted to run in Mumbai and Bangalore spanning 45 days across various offline mediums. In the first advertising Burrp! undertook an initiative that recognized the best restaurants/food outlets across numerous categories. Customers were engaged to cast their votes in favour of their restaurants of choice and 3 lucky winners stood a chance to win prizes on daily basis. In the second campaign Burrp! promoted their New Year’s Eve special feature, a platform to all party animals to explore best New Year parties in town at the click of a finger.

Khushi was their advertising partner in both these campaigns. We tailored an intricate pattern, mixing mediums such as cinema advertising, multiplex branding, mall branding, bus shelters and Big Bazaar. These avenues were effectively employed to create an overall enticing campaign for Burrp!. Since the client was open to dabbling in multiple non-traditional advertising mediums, we were able to provide a mix of various mediums to draw maximum eyeballs and garner strong impact. All the mediums used by us were employed to their best use to suit the requirements of the client.

All the traditional mediums of advertising have been exploited numerous times. Due to the clutter of the traditional mediums, many consumers tend to consciously ignore such ads or skip them completely. This is where ambient advertising steps in. It helps to break free from the overcrowded traditional mediums and breaks the mould to create an altogether new and interesting way of advertising. Brands can leverage the superior sound and visual output of cinemas to create a larger than life representation which entices viewers. Multiplex branding, mall branding, branding in hypermarkets, etc. are excellent mediums to attract the TG at the right place and right time. All these avenues allow the marketer to project his advertisement in various innovative and non-conventional ways in order to immediately grab the consumers’ attention.

Khushi, the fastest growing ambient media agency in India, endeavours to make ambient advertising the most sought after medium for brands who wish to stand out from the crowd. Khushi is the leading cinema advertising agency in India. We offer various on-screen, branding, experimental marketing solutions to clients. We also provide innovations across various advertising avenues to ensure maximum visibility and recall for your brand.

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