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Khushi Advertising Integrates with JITO Connect 2016

Khushi Advertising Integrates with JITO Connect 2016

A trade fair offers an incredible chance to deliberate and engage with business peer groups, stakeholders, clients and customers. JITO Connect 2016 offers an ambience and chance to establish a great connect to the marketplace. It is a grand event where a congregation of leading industries and brands across the country showcase their business. Khushi Advertising will be integrating with JITO 2016 Pune. Visit us at Stall 50,51 Yellow Cluster, JITO 2016 Pune

The three-day grand event kicks off on 7th April in Pune. The widespread area of 17 Acres ready to welcome eminent speakers, delegates, and business tycoons and media partners. The special attraction will be the JAIN PAVILLION showing the ideology, inspiration and fundamentals of Jainism.

Khushi will be showcasing its products and services at the Grand fair

Khushi Advertising, the most preferred partner in India for branding and advertising in shopping malls, cinemas and airports, will participate in the grand JITO 2016 event. It is a great chance to exhibit the excellence and prominence in front of the aptest audience Including entrepreneurs.

Khushi Advertising Offers its clients 360 Degree solutions covering multiple avenues and gamut of Services covering Cinema , Branding, Experiential, Showbiz and More. Khushi is not only the largest cinema advertising agency in India, but it is also one of the most trusted brands also. With exclusive rights for 1000+ cinema screens and 14 shopping malls, it grabs the largest chunk of the promising marketplace. Team Khushi is spread across 31 prominent Indian business cities where the best talents work relentlessly to satisfy the branding and advertising needs of 1500+brands.

Trust is the secret of success

The leading business brands partner Khushi because they believe in the capabilities of it. Whether is in-cinema advertising or branding in the shopping malls, exclusive inventory at airports or experiential marketing; the company excels at all the fronts.

JITO CONNECT 2016 opens new horizons of success by attracting eyeballs of the potential business partners. Summits where the best brands and industries participate, give new insights about the business today and tomorrow. With 200+ ad sales and operations team PAN India, Khushi offers a convenient and effective brand partnership with clients.

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