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Know the Unique Power of Cinema Advertising india

Know the Unique Power of Cinema Advertising india


The success of any advertising campaign is not determined by the size of the audience reach; creativeness, brand positioning and audience engagement all count a great deal. PVR Cinema advertising has what it takes to achieve all of these factors; following attributes will help us to know the unique power of cinema advertising India.

Uniquely Involving

Cinema advertising involves minimal distractions to the viewer than any other media mode. Muting or skipping the ad appearing on the big screen is not possible. Various factors like surround sound, extensive screens and dark setting of the cinema hall enable viewers to process ads with more concentration.

Maximum Brand Recall 

The immersive nature of cinema advertising enables brands to obtain maximum recall. Because of the large cinema space and longer time slots Cinema advertising india comprises the best of ad campaigns. Telling a narrative and connecting with the audience is possible and your brand can straight go to touch the hearts of the viewers. Chances of ad recall by cinema goers are many times more than recalling an ad on TV.

Scope for experimental activations

Cinema advertising is not limited to the big screen alone; it can become an integrated campaign encompassing branding on tubs of popcorn, light-boxes, back of tickets, sampling stands, screens above refreshment stalls and so on. A lot of scope for top-impact experimental advertising is offered by the cinema mode. Cinema gives viewers an experience to remember; the smell of nachos and popcorn, dimmed lights and superb sound effects and it is for the brands to optimize this aspect to their advantage.

Catering to Niche Markets

Mass reach is not the sole criteria of any advertising campaign. A superior strategy would include effectively crafted content that reaches the targeted audience in good measure. Niche markets can be catered to through cinema advertising as you can determine the audience kind visiting the cinema halls for watching their favorite movies.

On a Concluding Note

In the world of today when people are continuously bombarded with messages from brands it is more essential than ever for your brand to emotionally engross these audiences. In this context, cinema advertising proves to be a significant weapon in the armory of targeted advertising. So, make the most of the big screen and see your ad campaign come to life!


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