Latest trends in experiential & innovative marketing

Latest trends in experiential & innovative marketing

Latest trends in experiential & innovative marketing

Previously advertising was all about static illustration and coming up with a catchy slogan. At that time the above was sufficient to get the message across to the existing and prospective customers. However, the concept of advertising in shopping centers has changed a lot over the years and now in order to get the message across people expect a lot more than what was expected previously.Latest trends in experiential & innovative marketing are being measured for best results.

Some of the trends in advertising which are becoming popular and are fulfilling the purpose of getting the message across to the customers are:

(i)   Making advertising videos interactive: Various brands are trying to use advertisement to tell a story. They are taking the aids of technology to create the story and it is being executed brilliantly. People are able to relate to such videos created as more often than not they deal with events related to day-to-day life of common people.

(ii)   Experiential Marketing: Often termed as participation marketing, it is basically a marketing strategy that invites and then engages customers to participate in the evolution of brands. Many business houses are engaging in experiential marketing to advertise their products and winning the hearts of customers. There are several experiential marketing agencies and brands need to do some research before they select the best experiential marketing agencies.

(iii)   Using social media: The presence of social media in every one’s life can’t be undermined. With everything going digital everyone has made their presence felt by being present on various social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Many brands are taking this advantage and using social media as a platform to launch their campaigns. This way they are able to reach a large number of people from all areas of life.

(iv)   Guerrilla marketing: Another trend in innovative advertising is guerrilla marketing. Such type of marketing attracts maximum people as it is mainly done on the streets or any other public places such as parks, shopping malls, beaches where large number of people go. The main purpose of such type of advertising is to attract a bigger audience. It can be used both by small and big business houses to create a lasting impression in the minds of the customers and thereby increase sales and generate more profit.

(v)   More offline-online integration: Though online advertising is gaining momentum, however, the offline experience will also be equally important. As offline and online join to create more engaging brand experience it will encourage consumers to spend more one-on-one time with the brand. More offline and online integration will result in increasing human element as well as deeper relationships emerging between the brand and the consumer. With the help of this strategy it will create a lasting memory for the consumer and on the other hand it will create a lasting legacy for the brand as well.

(vi)   Personalized content strategies: As per the latest trends customers want to see a higher degree of personalisation in content stream and messaging. Business houses need to see how closely they can relate to their motives and needs. Real time marketing and hyperpersonalisation are being used by brands to create optimum reach to the customers on a personal level.

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