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Looking Ahead: Advertising in Cinemas

Looking Ahead: Advertising in Cinemas

The Pandemic Effect 

In many aspects, the year 2020 was a watershed moment in the Indian cinema industry. As social separation became the new normal, the theatre’s moviegoing experience came to a standstill. Theatre owners, film distributors, and ambient marketers, in particular, bore the brunt of the epidemic and incurred massive losses.

As the COVID-19 pandemic worsened earlier this year, several big and lesser-known titles were forced to stop their cinema runs early. Rather than waiting months for digital and Blu-Ray sales to begin, some studios chose to distribute their films digitally first. 


India Unlocked: The Silver Lining  

Around June 2020, the country began gradually opening up through a succession of unlocking stages. Because movie theatres are a community-based activity, they were not the first to open. After 7 months of lockdown, theatres reopened in October 2020 with a 50% capacity. The measure was supposed to help the film industry find traction. Unfortunately, with so many films being published on OTT platforms, theatres are forced to re-release old blockbusters. As a result, theatres had difficulty attracting consumers.

Advertising in cinemas was also severely impacted. Many new releases have been delayed for months because production companies prefer to see them released in theatres rather than digitally. Some high-budget films, however, were not made available online. Popular films like Salman Khan’s Radhe and Ranveer Singh’s 83 have confirmed May and June theatrical dates this year. Cinemas and marketers are now relying on such releases to attract people and increase revenue.

In a good move, the government declared that theatres would operate at full capacity beginning February 1, 2021. Strict preventative procedures are in place in theatres to guarantee that safety requirements are met. Vaccination campaigns are also in full force, giving viewers the confidence to return to movie theatres.


Cinema Advertising: The Bright Future

With the economy improving, advertising in cinemas may be a profitable method to market your products. Target audiences are at their most responsive, allowing for high levels of interaction. With people returning to the movies, advertising in cinemas will undoubtedly increase. 

This year, new brands are anticipated to market their products through the medium of theatres. In 2021, income from cinema advertising may increase by 10% compared to the previous year. A rise in expenditure on movie advertising is also projected right now. With major films set to hit theatres this year, audiences are anticipated to come in massive numbers. This will provide outdoor advertisers with an opportunity to make a long-lasting impression on highly engaged customers.


Explore More About Cinema Advertising In India

Cinema advertising in India is one of the most popular and efficient ways to reach out to a large number of viewers that go to theatres and multiplexes all around the country. Cinema advertising is a very popular medium, not just in big cities but also in small towns and rural places. When compared to other non-mass media possibilities, cinema advertising rates are less expensive. For decades, cinema advertising has been one of the most popular forms of advertising. Because of the growing availability of multiplexes in recent years, cinema screen advertising has become an even more popular method of advertising.

Advertising in a cinema may help firms reach out to a large number of people who are sitting in the darkness, waiting for the movie to start. Across India, more than 10,000 theatre screens are currently showing commercials for various brands. Cinema advertisements are classified into two types: on-screen and in-premises. The former, also known as dynamic cinema advertising, is the most common type of cinema advertising, with possibilities such as slides on displays, movies on screens, and so on. The latter is sometimes known as mute, silent, or offline cinema advertising, and it might be prominently displayed within a theatre complex.


Clear Evidence Of Cinema Advertising Implementation

Advertisers are given inspection passes by a theatre. An inspection pass can be used to determine whether or not an advertisement is playing. Pictures are supplied as proof of implementation in the case of off-screen cinema advertising alternatives.


Censorship Is Required For Cinema Advertising

A censorship certificate is always necessary for every video commercial to be shown in a cinema. You may produce the needed censoring certificate yourself, or you can have your advertising agency do it for you. You may be charged by your cinema advertising agency for generating censorship certifications. 


Cinema Advertising Timeline

Except for a few exceptions, all cinema advertising campaigns begin with a Friday second screening. In certain circumstances, it might begin on any given day. Advertisement confirmations are often requested at least three days in advance. 


Type Of Audience The Appeal Of Cinema Advertising

Cinema advertising has the potential to appeal to both rural and urban audiences. Cinemas continue to be the most popular form of entertainment in India, attracting people from all phases of life. Whether a student, a working-class individual, or a company’s top executive, the medium of film binds all people regardless of class or background. Thus, movie advertising has the capacity to capture people’s imagination and attention throughout, rather than focusing on people from a specific background.

Multiplex advertising has a bigger effect on the country’s youth. People aged 16–44 are more likely to be influenced by movie advertising since they frequent these multiplexes to watch the latest films.


The Benefits Of Cinema Advertising


  • Enhanced Involvement 


Big screen advertising with a better quality sound system captures viewers’ attention better than any other medium, making cinema advertising one of the greatest platforms for promotional strategy.



  • Greater ROI


The cost of cinema advertisements is very competitive with respect to other media, and the effect of the commercial on its viewers is quite high, resulting in a mix that delivers a high return on investment for advertisers when compared to other media.



  • Significant Influence


First impressions are crucial when it comes to creating a home for your business in the minds and hearts of viewers. And, in terms of impact, the cinema is one of the most powerful media venues accessible to marketers. 


Now Promote Your Business In The Cinema With Khushi Advertising.

All you need right now, according to Khushi Advertising, is a promise of effective reach and great ROI on your cinema advertising. Khushi Advertising, India’s most trusted cinema advertising agency, can be your partner in capitalising on the largest advertising possibilities across 2700+ multiplex screens across the country. We are one of the greatest movie advertising agencies in India, with a strong web presence across the country. Our youthful and passionate team not only secures the best pricing for clients but also gives the greatest advertising slots and creative solutions.

We are the preferred advertising partner of major multiplex chains such as PVR, INOX, Cinepolis, Carnival Cinemas, and others. We ensure that you take advantage of all of the essential benefits that cinema advertising provides, such as the rich and powerful captive audience’s continuous, precise, and empathetic state of mind, precise targeting, and infinite unique events. Our promotional staff guarantees that each regional and national movie campaign runs smoothly. Many corporates, retail clients, and media agencies in India consider us to be the most trustworthy cinema advertising agency. 

You can now organise your cinema campaign, target theatres, and increase the effective reach and ROI of your media strategy. We are an excellent medium for targeting your core TG and reducing waste. Post a brief and we will answer within 24 hours, or call us for further information.

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