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Marketing to a precise set of audience, selected on the basis of geography is hyperlocal marketing. The key point here is that the geographic area has to be limited. It could mean a city, zip code, or even a specific locality. The audience targeted in hyperlocal marketing is pretty homogenous and hence is expected to respond to a particular marketing stimulus in a similar fashion.

Since the concept revolves around specific geographic targeting, it is essential for the marketer to understand the pulse of the TG. Guided by the prevailing socio-economic index and the demographics of the targeted area, critical marketing decisions about the potential consumption of various products and services can be arrived at. Marketing communication then has to be designed to appeal to that particular set of customers. The end objective is to create a dedicated and loyal base of local customers.

Zeroing in on the media to be employed for such marketing is driven by the fact that niche, and not mass media will work. Hence, it is logical to opt for selective media for a successful hyperlocal marketing campaign. One of the best avenues to conduct hyperlocal marketing is the cinema. Typically, residents of a particular locality would prefer to visit a cinema that is nearest to them. So the marketer can get a ready homogeneous customer base if he decides to advertise in cinemas. Advertising campaigns can be designed to appeal to the demographic profile based on the geographic location of the movie theater. This can be hugely beneficial for the advertiser to effectively reach and deliver impact on an extremely well-defined captive target audience. The other benefits of cinema advertising like clutter-free environment, higher receptiveness, larger audio-visual impact and higher ad recall continue to add to the overall impact.

Many multiplexes nowadays are integrated in shopping malls. Hence there is an added advantage of placing the ads in cinemas, very close to the retail outlet of that brand in that mall itself. This can help the advertiser to leverage the advantage of point-of-purchase advertising.

A mall itself provides various opportunities for hyperlocal marketing. Various branding opportunities can be tapped effectively and cleverly by brands who wish to engage in hyperlocal marketing. Since the brand would be present in the mall itself, or in the immediate vicinity, it can lead to an immediate call-to-action effect.

All in all, hyperlocal marketing is definitely a lucrative proposition. A marketer has to identify the best advertising agencies in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, or any other city or town as per his need, to run a successful hyperlocal marketing campaign.

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