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It is now an established fact that it is essential to engage your customers if you wish to stand out from the crowd and be noticed. Otherwise your voice can get easily drowned in the cacophony of the dynamic advertising business. Those who deliberately stray away from the usual set norms of advertising are the ones who succeed in making an indelible impression on customers’ minds. The advertising industry has long since woken up to the fact that a two-way communication channel is the best bet to grab the attention of the customer and keep him engaged and interested in the brand. However, due to many constraints it may not always be possible for all brands to do so. Whenever possible, marketers should try and engage their customers through innovative activation campaigns that stimulate the human senses and stir up interest.

One of the best avenues to engage customers are shopping malls. Malls offer the perfect ambient setting to undertake activations. People visiting malls are in a relaxed and leisurely frame of mind. They are more amenable to advertising communication and they have the propensity to spend. It is the perfect opportunity to engage the customers in a one-on-one communication. Mall activation allows the marketer to collect immediate feedback and address any issues or concerns of the consumer. A marketer may set up kiosks or stalls and provide samples, give-aways and product demonstrations or may also run contests. Live experiential marketing events are can be conducted in the atrium or any other central location in the mall to extract the most out of the mall activation campaign. It is also important to remember that a brand should engage consumers at the right time so that the consumer is excited by the communication.

A mall activation campaign may or may not immediately generate sales. However, it does something much more important than that. Mall activations deliver very high brand recall and message recall which are extremely important for any brand. They also result in positive word-of-mouth and your brand remains talked about amongst your target TG.

Khushi Advertising is one of the most recognised mall activation agencies in Mumbai, and also one of the leading mall activation agencies in India. We offer mall activation campaigns to our clients in most of the leading malls in India. As an activation agency, our role is to create memorable engagement experiences for customers through innovative activation campaigns.

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