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Malls have become a popular hangout destination for people in addition to being a popular shopping place. The facilities such as gaming zones, eating joints and multiplexes add to the attraction of malls. This makes mall a complete package. Also, with most of the malls selling right from electronics, books, garments to grocery, people from all income groups throng the malls in large numbers. Since the visitors are already preconditioned for buying, advertising in shopping centres is like meeting consumers at the Point of Sale, where they can be persuaded to buy with just a slight nudge (in form of advertising). Naturally, mall advertising creates a massive impact on consumer psychology and improves brand image as well as conversions.

In addition to conducive buying environment, malls offer upscale advertising opportunities, which make reaching out to target audience easy and impactful. For example, displaying kiosks at strategic locations enhances visibility and goes a long way to strengthen brand image.

Another popular mode used by every renowned mall advertising agency in India is mall screen advertising. Blending digital technology with promotional content, mall screens are high definition screens that facilitate broadcasting video and audio content. When leading advertising agencies create motivating and dynamic promotional content, it is bound to engage visitors. Depending on the budget of the advertisers, the ads can narrate product story, short clips, etc. of the product.

Since the mall screen displays are connected with Internet, the advertisers can even give REAL TIME information and update by adding RSS feed. So, right from casual greeting to important product update, upcoming launch or sale can be intimated through the mall screens.

Floor graphics also are quite popular form of mall advertising, which supplements other forms of advertising. Using the elevators, escalators, lifts for advertising also catches the audience attention. Plus, the window and door slings are also great way to grab the visitors’ attention.

Other options of mall advertising include dioramas, poster ads, LCD displays and more.

Since the consumers are increasingly becoming brand conscious and advertising greatly influences their buying decision, mall advertising can be considered as a final call before the visitors make a purchase. Needless to say, putting up your ad at strategic locations in malls can greatly empower your brand image and massively boost conversions. Considering the vast potential malls hold, mall advertising is something that no brand, product or service can afford to overlook. Get ready to make that final call…and give impetus to your brand value.

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