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Mall Advertising is increasing gaining popularity as one of the most sought after non-conventional advertising mediums. It involves placing ads at strategic locations in shopping malls to provide maximum visibility. Malls offer excellent and varied options to touch base with the target audience like façade hoardings, arch gates, drop downs, standees, backlits, danglers, etc. Apart from these, other innovative ways can be used to reach the target consumers. Malls are excellent avenues for branding and innovations. Numerous innovations can be carried out in malls that can garner maximum eyeballs e.g. huge cut-outs can be placed outside the mall or mascots of cartoon characters can be used to entice kids. Malls are also the perfect avenue for Experiential Marketing. Many innovative Experiential Marketing ideas can be effectively employed in a mall. If the brand is successful in attracting potential customers through any activation in the mall, then it stands a very good chance to make a lasting impression. Mall activation also offers an opportunity to get an insight into consumer behaviour, a very important aspect for the marketing activity of any business. Mall activation can prove to be the driving force that elevates brand-consumer relationships and eventually drives revenues.

Mall advertising has distinct advantages which differentiate it from the other forms of advertising. It has great potential to reach the target audience, establish long-term consumer relationships and increase sales. Mall branding can be done very effectively if it is well-thought out and executed. Consider this – there are a limited number of other avenues where the audience is so receptive towards marketing communication. Timing plays an important role in the business of advertising. People are in a relaxed and leisurely frame of mind when they are in a shopping mall and this is the most opportune time to reach customers. Plus, customers are already in the mood to spend. If a brand can grab this opportunity and make a good impression, then half the battle is won. Placement is also an important aspect for effective advertising. Placement of ads largely depends on the communication objective and the target consumer profile. Huge banners centrally located in the mall may be the preferred option for a particular brand, another advertiser may find it more lucrative to place their ads in the elevators, some advertisers may prefer point of purchase advertising, while still others may want to advertise in washrooms!

Malls are one of the best avenues for hyperlocal marketing. Local and regional advertisers can use this platform to reach a highly captive audience.

There are expert agencies to facilitate mall advertising campaigns for brands. It is best to reach out to an expert like the fast-growing mall advertising agency in India, Khushi for the best mall advertising solutions.


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