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Movie merchandizing, what explains the buzz around it?

Movie merchandizing, what explains the buzz around it?

Movie merchandizing no longer remains an alien concept for Bollywood today. It is the new-age marketing mantra. You see almost every film today getting released with a series of merchandize. This kind of branding has immense potential.From the perspective of movie makers, here are some prominent benefits:

(i) It promotes the movie: Movie merchandizing achieves film promotions from outlets that are totally unconventional. Since there is no direct expense incurred for these outlets, it brings high cost-effectiveness.

(ii) It makes the movie a household name: Experts say that merchandizing has multiple times more potential than conventional ways. It makes the movie a household name by reaching as many people as possible.

(iii) It holds monetary value: If it is done effectively and the movie is also a box office hit, then it brings a lot of money. An expert in Film Advertising can build fantastic products that are impressive and profitable.

(iv) It makes memories of the movie long-lasting: Experts say that public memory is very short. Hence, they forget about a movie once it is out of the theaters. However, merchandizing helps avoid the curse of oblivion. It is also possible to generate further revenues by selling rights of the brand merchandize.

A few points to ponder

No doubt, it is a great way of generating revenues, however there are a few things that should be considered before implementing it. Regardless of the fact that you hire the Best Cinema Advertising Agency, the results will not be impressive if these things are overlooked:

(i) Quality has to be paramount. Otherwise, it will adversely impact the movie. An incorrect impression will be built, and people will not turn up at the movie halls.

(ii) The stock of the merchandize should be produced judiciously. If the quantity is too large, then there will be wastage. If it is too less, then the campaign will not be impactful.

(iii) Careful selection is necessary while making the decision about the merchandize.

(iv) The cost of merchandize should be proportionate to its quality and effectiveness.

The new trend not only acts as a superior and strong marketing tool but a revenue generator as well. Movie Merchandizing is bound to conquer new heights in the coming years.

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