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On-Screen & Off-Screen Advertising in Multiplexes Yields More Results Than You Think

On-Screen & Off-Screen Advertising in Multiplexes Yields More Results Than You Think

With the rise in the number of multiplexes across the country and an increased footfall there, these places have become a hotspot for companies to market themselves at scale. This can also be attributed to the increase in the number of movies screened in these places both domestic and international, which allows advertisers to assign multiple spots for commercials to companies and help them advertise their products to a targeted audience. From theatres to the food counters, even the parking lot has become a place to advertise in multiplexes.

Cinema chains have allowed for hundreds of screens to come under the same banner which has made it easier for companies to negotiate advertising deals with them. This would have been impossible a decade ago when single screen theatres accounted for most of the screen count in the country. There are instances of the same company advertising its product both on and off screen in the same theatre which has proved beneficial for them. A company can show the commercial for a product during the screening and then have it on display outside increasing the chances of a sale later on.

It should also be kept in mind that people visiting multiplexes have a higher percentage of people with better purchasing power. This should also be an encouraging factor for companies that are looking to make use of this medium. The demographic of the audience that more likely to watch a particular movie helps companies to decide which products should be advertised when that movie is being played. This is will help eliminate wastage of screen time both for the theatre chain and the advertiser.

Also, people going to theatres always anticipate commercials and companies can use this medium as a tactical tool to communicate messages from the brand and even target audiences on a geographical basis. In fact, this is one of the few mediums which assures that as people go to watch movies in nearby theatres. That along with the increase in app based bookings can do wonders for companies in driving audience-specific marketing campaigns. Improvements in technology for creating immersive experiences is bound to make this medium an attractive investment opportunity from a marketing perspective.

Ours is a nation that is both invested and influenced by the movies, so there’s no doubt about the value this medium has and what it has to offer. In the years to come, this is bound to become one of the most profit yielding marketing channels across the industry.

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